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The Case Against Dog Teeth Scaling

2016/5/4 10:26:46

First of all, I want to say I have nothing against any vet who suggests a dog needs teeth scaling. Clean teeth are vital to a canines overall health. For the vet, the only real solutions he or she has to offer for cleaning dog teeth is to perform what is called a tooth scaling.

If you don't know what scaling is all about, allow me to explain. First and foremost, general anesthesia must be given to the dog. This is the single biggest negative factor against the procedure. The cleaning method used by the doctor is simply not possible with an awake pet.

For younger dogs, the drugs used are not usually a problem. Although some dogs can have a lethal reaction to them, most do fine. However, older canines are especially vulnerable to general anesthetic. Since this age of pet is most likely to need the teeth cleaning, older dogs are more often suggested for the procedure. Owners of any dog over the age 9 or 10 should be especially weary of risking this.

Once the dog is put under the anesthetic, various tools are used to "scale" the teeth in order to remove the plaque. The plaque can cause gum disease and from there the problem can lead to infections in various parts of the body as the bloodstream transfers the bacteria from the mouth area to the other parts of the body.

Another side result from the procedure is the fact that because there is usually bleeding of the gums during the cleaning, anti-biotics area required for the animal afterwards for up to ten days. These are both expensive and can lead to stomach upset problems.

The second important consideration for this method is the cost. Depending on which part of the country you live in, the fee can range from $200 to over $500. As many vets suggest the procedure every year or two, this can rapidly add up in cost.

There are alternatives to needing the scaling performed. If plaque can be kept from building up in the first place, there is no need for the risk or expense. There are two main methods for preventing tartar buildup. One is to feed the dog more raw foods instead processed can and dried formulas. Raw foods will help keep the tartar cleaned off and area also nutritionally better for the canine.

The other alternative involves using all natural dog tooth pastes and sprays which will not only remove the buildups, but will prevent the dangerous scale from beginning to take hold on the teeth. These products are widely available online and are highly effective for promoting canine dental health. Using these cleaners are not as simple as a one-time scaling process; they do require the owner to put forth an effort. However, most pet lovers agree that the tradeoffs of expense and safety for the canine are well worth the work required.

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