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Dealing With The Symptoms Of Old Age In Canines

2016/5/4 10:20:46

It is an unfortunate fact that all dogs began experiencing symptoms of old-age later in her life. One of the earliest signs that your dog is aging is hammer her becoming stiff with the possibility of dog arthritis affecting the joints. We noticed this when the dog attempts to go up or down stairs or jump on the furniture which they used to do with these in the past. As the arthritic disease progresses in the dog's joints, you'll notice a significant slowing of the dogs face during walks and occasionally he or she may come up limping when too much exercise is performed.

Unfortunately, there are no cures for osteoarthritis in canines. Just as in humans, this joint disease tends to progress over time and the symptoms will only worsen with age. There are however natural supplements which can be given to the dog to decrease the symptoms and ease the pain associated with joint arthritis. Were the most popular supplements given for dogs, and also for humans for that matter, is the supplement called glucosamine.

The glucosamine, which can be ordered online at many websites, often comes in a liquid form which makes it very easy to simply pour over you dog's food at meal time. This is much easier than trying to give your dog a pill or tablet. Also, it is thought that the liquid form of glucosamine is more effective and absorbed more rapidly than solid forms. Many of the pills contain fillers that have no benefit.

Glucosamine for arthritis is an all-natural supplement that has virtually no side effects associated with it. It highly effective for treating the pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis. But because it does not simply mask the pain as me prescription medications do, it does take some time to see the effects. In fact, it may take several weeks up to several months of daily supplementation with glucosamine before positive results are seen in either dogs or humans.

As you may have heard, there are many side effects associated with prescription medications for both dogs and humans. In fact, some of these side effects have even lead to death in both people and canines. Not only are they quite dangerous, the prescription medicines often given for canine arthritis can be highly expensive. Another benefit of the glucosamine supplementation process is that the cost is quite low compared to these prescribed drugs given by veterinarians.

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