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Breed Facts: Knowing Them Can Make Cane Corso Training Easy

2016/5/4 10:16:40

Although described as powerful and imposing, getting positive result from Cane Corso training may not be too difficult since this breed is known to be highly intelligent and very trainable. Additionally, they have that great willingness to please their owners so making them obey commands using praise as reward is not really an issue. But as we all know, dogs, regardless of their intelligence or capability to learn, do not figure out commands on their own. They need their owner's guidance in order for them to become obedient as well as healthy and happy. As such, training must be provided as early as possible so that positive values will be inculcated into their young minds.

Before the actual training starts, owners or potential owners should know more about the breed first - temperament, care and grooming needs, training as well as health issues. By knowing such information, it would be easy for an owner to determine what Cane Corso training methods to use, how to handle the pet when issues arise and what activities to include or avoid when training.

Aside from being powerful and imposing, this breed is also highly suspicious of strangers and may display aggressive behavior if it feels threatened. If this behavior is allowed or left not corrected, it could lead into a habit that can be difficult to eliminate. To prevent this problem, Cane Corso puppies must be socialized properly to avoid them from considering a lot of things as strangers. These things include but not limited to sound of siren, firetruck and phone, people, cars and other vehicles passing by, delivery men and noisy neighbors.

One remarkable characteristic of this breed is the close attachment it forms with the owner and the instinct to protect their family if danger is at hand. To them, there is nothing better than pleasing their owners and being by their side all the time. This characteristic can be used to get the dog to obey various commands such as down, sit and stay as well as correct undesirable behavior such as biting, jumping and chewing. To get the most out of this characteristic, an owner will only have to praise and spend time with his pet for every good behavior and ignore it to discourage undesirable behaviors such as the ones mentioned.

Another fact an owner needs to bear in mind is the breed's high tolerance to pain. The use of electrical invisible fence can be ineffective to some so other methods to prevent disappearing acts should be considered. But this attribute shouldn't be made into an excuse to punish them physically since hitting the pet with a rolled paper, rubbing the nose on the dirt or crating them for longer periods of time without food and potty break will do them no good.

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