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Rabbit Mating - How to Know When Your Rabbits Are Ready to Mate

2016/5/4 10:14:13

Mating rituals can be observed from almost all the animals in the kingdom except rabbits. A male rabbit will immediately jump on a female rabbit without any courtesy at all. That makes it difficult to tell if your rabbit is ready or not because they're pretty much ready most of the time. However, you are still required to learn about their mating habits when keeping rabbits to better understand these prolific breeders.

If you are breeding rabbits for profit, overpopulation is definitely your number one problem. In business, number is good but not all the time. If your rabbits increase in number while you are still unprepared on where to sell or put them; you are in trouble. It is best to learn how to control their population while you still can. To understand rabbit mating habits are not that difficult; it's controlling them that is difficult.

1) Rabbits Have Their Own Mating Season, too - Prolific as they are, they have their own season, too. Anywhere you go, rabbits will mate more actively during the warm season. This is to ensure the survival of the newborn baby bunnies. But generally, they mate all year round. So, come up with a housing project for them where the males can't get to the females unless they need to populate.

2) Sexual Maturity - Rabbits, even really young ones are already active. If you own a male and female bunny separate them first if you don't want them to mate. You must wait at least 6 months for the doe and 4 months for the buck. This is the period of their sexual maturity. But it is better to wait longer to ensure the survival and health of the baby bunnies.

3) Male Sex Drive- The male sex drive can be triggered during warm weather and condition. You will know that your buck is ready to mate if it starts acting aggressively among female rabbits. A dominant male has more chances of impregnating more than one doe.

4) Rabbit Chase - A buck will usually chase the doe. Sniffing her rear and then he will try to lift her tail with his nose. The male rabbit will chase the female for a few minutes before he can finally seduce her. Remember that if you want to make rabbit mating a success, you have to put the female in the male's hutch not the other way around. If you put the buck inside the female's hutch it could be ugly. The female will become very aggressive and will tend to hurt the male.

So there you have it, just a few important things you need to consider in rabbit mating. Be sure that when you consider breeding these guys that they are well provided for to keep them happy and healthy.

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