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Prepare Your Chickens For The Rainy Season

2016/5/4 10:11:41

It's that time of year again: Time for rain. With summer comes rain, heat, and the perfect conditions to cause harm to you flock. Is your flock prepared for the upcoming rainy season? Before it's too late, here are some tips to help get you and your flock ready for the rainy season, keeping your flock safe, healthy, and happy. Ensure proper shelter. The number one item on your list should be shelter for your flock.

Your flock should always have a safe area to retire to at the end of the day, or anytime they feel threatened. If you do not trust machine made coops, there are a variety of resources available to help aid you in creating your own coop. Building your own coop also gives you creative freedom, allowing you to add those fancy windows, bunk bed style nests, and any other unique features you may not get from purchasing a premade coop. Plus - this could always be a fun activity for the family! Keep coops clean.

Overtime, coops get dirty. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and disease. These can not only cause your flock to get sick, but also places you and your family in danger as well. Be sure to clean your coops regularly, making sure to get into the cracks, nooks, and corners. Make sure you use cleaners that are safe for use around animals. Bleach is a strong cleaner, but is harmful to animals. Dish soap and water are safe options but may not clean as thoroughly as you'd like. Opt for natural alternatives, and be sure to read the label before purchasing. An old remedy is a vinegar and water solution.

Avoid mold. Moisture, heat, and dark environments are a breeding ground for mold. We mentioned you should keep coops clean, but sometimes harmful mold can sneak by. Mold can be found almost anywhere, and there are many strains that are toxic to humans and animals. Be sure to keep your coop, and your flock, dry. Chickens can also form types of mold and bacteria under their wings if not properly cared for.

After a heavy rainstorm be sure to check the coop thoroughly for any leaks, and also check your flock. Keep fresh water and food available. Food should be kept clean, dry, and in a safe location. Water should be changed daily as debris often makes its way into the water, sometimes kicked by the flock, and other times carried by the wind. Every day your flocks water should be changed, the container rinsed, and fresh water should be provided. By following these steps and the recommendations by local veterinarians, you will keep your flock happy, healthy, and safe for the coming months.

S. O'Connor is the owner of Chicken Houses Plus located in Archer, Florida. In addition to raising healthy, happy chickens the company also provides fertile chicken eggs, egg incubators, and Amish built chicken coops. Customer service is available via Live Chat.