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Finding Help for Canine Arthritis and/or Joint Discomfort

2016/5/4 10:09:58

Need serious help for Canine suffering where some type of Arthritis or Joint-Pain is indicated? Learn here how the BODY, canine or feline, may have the power to undo or reverse some of its own problems - when it gets helpful resources. Yes, special nutritional supplementation from some natural pet supplements can make a remarkable difference in how the body of your pet is able to help itself. As explained below, there are degenerative factors at work within the body at all times. So, a "live-food" supplement for dogs or cats, is necessary to give the body critical resources it needs to counter the degenerative factors - at enzyme and cellular levels.

Without a resource like the live nutrition that some all-natural pet supplements provide, daily 'degeneration' from Toxin & Free-radical buildup will erode joint health by contributing to the breakdown of synovial fluid, which is the very critical lubricating fluid of the joints. "Canine Arthritis" has become the default 'catch phrase' for just about any form of joint discomfort or canine mobility issue observed these days, other than Hip Dysplasia. However arthritis in canines, or humans, is truly about degeneration of cartilage and eventual damage to bone within joints. In actuality, MOST of the joint-discomfort problems a canine will experience are related to loss or break-down of the critical synovial fluid needed to lubricate joints & protect cartilage! LACK of critical enzymes like SuperOxide Dismutase (and its cousins) contributes strongly to synovial fluid degrading, drying up, or losing lubricating qualities. The result is wear or damage to cartilage, along with inflammation, soft tissue damage, and pain.

Using a "super food" supplement, such as Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules, can help replenish the critical enzymes - SuperOxide Dismutase and its counter parts (like catalase) - on a daily basis. Since 1999, these products have helped 10's of thousands of pets with poor musculo-skeletal and/or joint-health issues. In a non-published Veterinary Study, for pets tested with a all-natural pet supplement formula, 88% of the 387 animals showed increased mobility in as little as 4 to 8 days!


Though Vets will usually prescribe medications in an attempt to alleviate discomfort, they should also inform you that the same medications can contribute toxins and other elements to the body which have the potential to cause liver and kidney damage. Whether your pet's pain and mobility issues are truly about arthritis or another joint-related condition, we want to assure you that proper nutrition and good supplementation can play a key role in helping restore proper joint health.


As mentioned above, most cases where "canine arthritis" is diagnosed are likely to really be simple issues of degenerated or missing joint lubrication. And, the 'live sprouted nutrition' found in the all-natural Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules can provide the all-natural resources needed to support the body's mechanisms for providing proper and well-functioning lubrication (synovial fluid). The result is proper, healthy joint function, and thereby greater comfort. The all-natural nutrition is utilized by the body to support the manufacture of a diverse series of metabolic and antioxidant enzymes which, it turn, support the body's proper levels, cleanliness, and viscosity of synovial fluid. This fluid, contained in the Bursa sacs, provides the critical spacing and lubrication for the joints. Without sufficient enzyme support, this natural lubricant can break-down and lose its natural viscosity. The result is a reduction in joint spacing. Much like dirty engine oil, the break-down of this vital fluid can subsequently cause damage to the cartilage and surrounding tissues. Therefore, one can see how nutritional support of the body's synovial fluid can provide significant assistance in the battle for good joint health.

Article Submitted by Tim Delaney, an avid dog lover and enthusiast. References include Nzymes and Nzymes EU