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Removing Bird Dander - A Continuous Process For Bird Lovers

2016/5/4 10:09:05

Birds are beautiful creatures, and if you live with one or more of them, expect bird dander to be a continuing presence in your life for as long as you have your bird. You can, however, reduce the amount to which you and your bird are exposed.

Contrary to what some make think these dead flakes of skin are invisible. They are constantly falling off as newer healthier skin pushes them off. It is the protein in the skin that triggers allergy flare-ups, and if you are at all sensitive to it, you don't have to see it to believe it's there.

One way to minimize dander is to limit the number of birds you have. This may be a tough decision to make at first, but giving fewer birds a quality life is better than not being able to provide a healthy environment.

Another way is to provide them with water for taking a bath. Like people, they each have their own personality, and some will like the water more than others.

For those that really like the water, installing a perch in the shower for them is a way for you to spend quality time with them and still give them the opportunity to wash away excess dander and minimize the amount available to escape into the air. Besides, they won't be critical of your physique!

Feeding your bird a healthy diet is another way to insure that skin stays healthy and that they do shed excessively because of poor health. Only good things come from feeding your friend the right stuff.

Changing the paper in the cage daily, and washing the cage thoroughly is important. Dander is sticky stuff so it can and does attach to all sorts of particles like feathers, feces, and food. So keeping a pristine cage will minimize these particles as well.

Cleaning with water makes particulates heavy and is more likely to keep the majority of them from escaping back into the air again. This is important for the health of your avian friends. Their air passages are so tiny that it doesn't take much for them to become clogged, and once they do this can open the door to disease and infections that are hard to reverse.

But one of the best ways to continually reduce airborne dander is to filter the air with an air purifier that has a filter that is specifically designed to remove airborne particles.

The most effective filter for particle removal is a high-efficiency particle arresting filter often abbreviated as HEPA. This is the type of filter hospitals use to insure clean air.

In order to be given this designation, it must remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 particles that are.3 microns or greater in size. And the one of the best things about this filter is that it only produces fresh air.

This is important because other filtration processes that involve ozone and ionization are controversial not only because of their effectiveness, but because of the possible negative effects they may have on birds and humans.

By clearing the air for your avian friend, you also make the air healthier for the humans who love and live with them. That will go a long way towards helping all of you enjoy a long and happy life together with your pet. Life is good.

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