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Basic Things You Should Know About The Italian Greyhound

2016/5/4 10:07:49

The Italian Greyhound (also known as the "Iggy") is a toy breed of dog. They feature an appearance that's similar to the regular Greyhound. The breed first appeared in ancient times over 6,000 years ago. They were originally bred for hunting and companionship. These days they are popular as a companion dog for active owners. They can be recognized by their sensitive temperament and love for running. They are thought to originate from Ancient Egypt and are a descendant of several ancient unknown breeds.

They are classified as a small to medium sized dog. The recommended male and female size is 13-15 inches high with a weight of 8-12 pounds. Their temperament is well-known to be gentle and sensitive. They are typically timid with strangers, and this plus their small size makes them unsuitable as a guard dog. The breed is known to be fairly intelligent, and ranks 60th compared to all other breeds when learning new obedience instructions.

They are good with children, which can make them fairly suitable as a family pet. They don't get along well with other animals such as other dog breeds or cats and smaller animals . Grooming them is a simple task. They need occasional brushing every week or two, and full grooming every couple of months or whenever necessary. They enjoy having a large, well-fenced yard to run around in, but can be suitable for apartment life.

Like most small to medium sized breeds, they are primarily long-lived with a life expectancy of 13-15 years. Their most severe health concern is broken bones and injuries, and they are also susceptible to epilepsy, PRA, cataracts or hyperthyroidism. They enjoy hobbies like sprinting, running around the yard or hunting for items. They have a high level of energy, which means they need long walks each day to prevent destructive behavior.

If you own the Italian Greyhound you need to be prepared to spend plenty of time exercising them and giving them attention. They are less suitable for families with rough, young children, but highly suitable for retirees, couples without children or families with older children. One of the best things about this breed is that it has a sensitive temperament and love for running that make it a good companion and running partner.

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