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Pet Relocator Issues Calming Tips For Your Furry Family Member During A Move

2016/5/4 10:06:58

If children find long trips really uncomfortable, then so do pets. Cats and dogs feel great anxiety and display unusual behaviour whenever they feel like something's amiss and different from the routine they know. And when the pets travelling with you are greatly uneasy, then it's highly likely that the owners get stressed out as well.

According to experts, preparing for a move that includes pets has to start before moving day as certain behaviours will be easier to prevent. A top pet relocator suggests paying a visit to a vet prior to the move and discussing the impact of long travel on the pets, along with the many ways to prevent often distracting and destructive behaviour from the furry little ones. If that can't be done, the Internet offers some of the best references (provided by vets and experienced pet relocators) on how to keep pets calm on moving day, and provided below are some of them.

Get the pets out of the way during furniture removals and move them out last. It's essential to keep them confined so they do not get in the way of all the hustle and bustle that can get them overly excited. In their confinement, make sure that they are very comfortable; store food and water bowls, blankets, and litter boxes and give them their favourite toys. Doing this will keep them safe, quiet and satisfied. It's also highly recommended to move all the furniture into the new home before moving the pets in. According to experts, this provides multiple benefits as far as pets' comfort and safety are concerned.

For long or air travel, it may be helpful to use stress relievers on your pets. There are several products for cats and dogs that will do the trick. What these products do is decrease the anxiety and stress that pets normally experience during the move; they will keep them calm and relaxed for many hours and without the dopey after effects.

Make their carriers as comfortable as possible. Most pets do not really like to be confined, but if their carriers hold the things they like such as a snuggly blanket or a favourite toy, it wouldn't be a struggle to get them in. Also, for cats, all they really need is a toy they can play with and they'll be happy for hours.

It's likewise helpful to spend some time cuddling and reassuring your pets that everything's okay during stop-overs. Stroking them as you feed them will provide them the comfort they need.

Help ease the stress and discomfort your pets experience during long travels by getting the help of professional pet movers. Click here for more about pet movers.