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Stray Puppy Found!

2016/5/4 10:04:55

My girlfriend and I had a fantastic weekend that ended in a big surprise on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013. On Friday we had Pei Wei, and although I don't exactly remember what our fortune cookies told us, they both implied that we would be doing something new this weekend. "Great!" I thought, "What could that possibly mean?" Sometimes new activities are good and sometimes new activities are unbearable. This weekend's results would come from the flip of a coin, but usually they are pretty good.

So, the weekend went by smoothly and we were quite relaxed. Brody, our eight-year-old dog, decided he would like to go for a walk. So I put on his leash and he jumped and ran around the house like he always does when he gets excited. We ran out the door and got 20 feet down the sidewalk when we were greeted by a happy female pit bull mix little puppy! She playfully attacked Brody and Brody played back in annoyance. I laughed and said, "How cute!" I look up to greet the owner to realize there is nobody behind this precious little creature. She wasn't even wearing a collar!

"Great!" I thought. The little puppy followed Brody and I around on our walk and in all that time no owner came up to claim this precious little lady. I knew my girlfriend would get upset if I just shooed it away, so I let it follow us home. In all honesty I didn't know what to do!

So who knew those fortune cookies meant that we would be taking care of a stray puppy and printing 'Found Puppy' flyers all over the street? It has been two days and we still have not found the owner. It has been a long time since I have dealt with a puppy, so I had forgotten how much they pee and poop all over the place!

Shortly after we took this little pit bull mix puppy in, she was banned from any room with carpet in it! Those carpets were going to need some tentative cleaning. Luckily I had purchased some stain remover called What Stain from a a while back. It works pretty well and is safe for Brody and our new found creature!

So we are still holding on to this little puppy for a while to see if someone will claim her. What would you do if you couldn't find the owners? Take her to the pound? Or Keep her?

If you know anyone in or around Tempe, AZ who has lost a two month old, female, pit bull mixed puppy, please call 602-380-7202.

Andrew Clifford's research was inspired by odor eliminating spray and his curiosity of what ingredients make up these products.