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The Correct Way To Care For Hamster Babies

2016/5/3 16:47:24

One can’t just take his eyes off hamster pups, as these small adorable tiny creatures will sure have your attention. Baby hamster are born with no fur and so are closely attached to their mother. Despite the fact that you may have the desire to hold them, bare in mind that there is nothing you can do within 2 weeks period following delivery.

REMEMBER NOT TO TOUCH THE BABIES!! Your action might harm the babies and change its scent thus confuses the mother. She’s going to think that they are not hers, abandon all of them and worst she might even eat the babies (this did happened to my hamsters). To not cause any stress to the mother, keep away from cleaning up the cage during this period. It is advisable to place the babies at the bottom of the cage as none of them have opened their eyes yet.

After this two weeks ‘vital’ period, you can actually hold them however only for a short period as to not disturb or stress the mom or babies. You may also clean up the cage and place fresh bedding in most of it. Remove just the soiled parts inside nest area and place a good portion of the old bedding in it. Put the babies back in the nest after it’s cleaned up followed by the mother.

Once the babies eyes are opened (which should occur about the 11-12 days, although some take less/more), they should find out the way the bottle works. In order for them to reach it easily, put it lower as well as in a place where they regularly go. In the event that they haven’t worked out how to make use of the bottle and you are worried with regards to all of them not drinking sufficient, you can give them pieces of cucumbers to prevent dehydration. Do not put water inside a dish to prevent them from falling in and drown or even catch a cold.

From three weeks, it is possible to separate the babies in the event you observe any fighting among them but if they seem immature, less developed and not quite independent enough to leave mom as of this time, allow them to remain together until they’re a month old. Once they reach five weeks old, independent and have a healthy development, they can be put into new homes and play throughout new surroundings as well as environment.

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