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How To Bath A Kitty

2016/5/3 16:31:01

Folks find out how to bath their cat through experience. I learned that way. We became the parents to six lovely kittens and their momma. This wasn’t our cat, but noted terrible things might happen to the kittens, if things were not fixed. Thus we freely accepted them within our residence when they were approximately one week old.

Things went along great with momma doing the conventional bathing after she nursed her kittens, however one night when the kittens were about four weeks old, mother disappeared out a window and we never saw her again. Thus, I became sole caregiver to six young kittens and necessity taught me a few things when it comes to bathing a cat.

As my kittens grew, it started to take more than a face wash with a wet cloth to keep the kittens clean. This would require immersing in water, something that most cats don’t enjoy one little bit.

Tips For Bathing Your Cat
1. When it comes time for bathing your cat, do not use the large bath, try a smaller basin placed in a sink. Also put a rubbermat in the bottom of your basin for the cat to get a good hold on, so he will not be slipping about.

2. Be composed and speak quietly to your kitty all through his cat bath. I commonly start at the neck and work down, leaving the head for last. Saturate your cat’s pelt by utilizing a cloth, cup, or hose attachment. Make positive the water is tolerable, not too cold or too hot. Like Goldilocks it has to be just right.

3. Without exception use a cat shampoo, one that is specifically made for cats. Human shampoos had best be shunned as they could make your pet unwell or worse die. If your pet seems excited, beforehand, you could put together the shampoo with tepid water in a basin. This may keep your cat calmer than putting a huge blob against his back. At which time you consider that your cat is cleansed, then rinse him thouroughly so that no residue of cat shampoo is left behind. The water should be flowing clear at this moment.

4. Have a few towels ready, one to put your freshly bathed cat on, and sufficient towels to make certain his fur is as dry as you can make it. You don’t want your cat catching cold. If it does not spook your cat, you can follow up with a blow dryer on a light setting.

5. Keep your house warm till kitty’s fur dries thoroughly. Rave over him for being tolerant all through his bath during the time you brush his freshly shampooed fur.

You can take solace in the actualization that your cat does not need a bath very often. They are amply competent at keeping themselves clean and will only require a bath if their fur seems greasy, they have a lot of fleas or dandruff, or if they have feces or urine on their bodies.

Bathing a cat can be a scary ordeal for you and your cat, but with a little tolerance you can make the ordeal a little more pleasurable. I have qualms that your kitty will ever love to get bathed, but hopefully these tips will keep you from being damaged much. Best of luck.

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