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Dog Training Goals And Training Plan, The Basics

2016/5/3 16:17:27

Training your dog can seem frustrating at times, especially if you are just starting out with a new animal. However, by using the advice found here you will discover how to improve your relationship with your pet and build a stronger understanding of your animal’s needs as well as yours.

Taking a dog on a daily walk, or even two, is an essential part of obedience training. a dog without exercise is not a calm dog, and it’s very hard to train a dog in an excited state. It is best to take them out before any rigorous training exercise so that they are tired and in a submissive state when you begin to teach them.

While dog training with a leash, make sure that you are keeping the collar snug, yet a little bit loose. When the collar is too tight, it can actually make the dog want to pull you. A little slack can go a long way when you are dog training with a leash.

The “watch” command is extremely useful and should be taught to your dog early. The process is simple: hold a treat between your eyes and use the command. When the dog gets this idea, start moving your hand parallel to your face. Naturally, your dogs eyes should follow the treat. The moment he looks back at you, as if to say, “Aren’t you going to give me that?” reward him. Pretty soon, he’ll learn that looking you in the eyes is the best way to get what he wants. This technique is valuable for helping your dog to focus on you during distracting situations.

Be as generous with affection as you are with discipline. So many people spend a great deal of time yelling at their dog to stop doing things that they should not be doing and not enough time showing their dog that they love them. Let him know he is loved and he is sure to behave better for you.

Some dogs have enormous reserves of energy that can cause the dog to act crazy through out the day. For dogs like this a fenced in yard or electric collar fence can be a useful tool to allow the dog to run around in a contained area. The dog will have more exercise and be more relaxed when it comes inside.

Don’t let your dog ‘own’ the furniture. To a bossy dog, the furniture is his fortress, giving him much more status than sitting on the floor. If your dog becomes possessive about the furniture, deny him access until he is ready to move for any human being, including a child or stranger. Stand with an erect posture and use a firm voice. Don’t use food to entice your dog off the furniture if he has already growled, as he will think he has been rewarded. Wait until he gets off the furniture on his own, and don’t allow him back up.

Since you have learned these new facts, you will now able to enjoy having a calmer more obedient dog that will surely provide better benefits that you and your whole family can enjoy. Put this information to use today and see firsthand just how much easier it is to train your dog

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