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A site that dog owner friendly

2016/5/3 15:39:51

Dogs are social creatures and like humans they need the companionship of others to be happy. When the dog is in the wild, the other members of the pack keep it company. Domesticated dogs on the other hand need the companionship of its owner, and other animals with which it shares its home. If a dog is not in find companions it will start to feel anxious. When a dog starts to feels anxious it will start developing abnormal behaviors. These abnormal behaviors include whining, excessive barking etc.

You need not worry though is here to provide you with solutions to solve these problems. In case you are going to leave the dog for a period of time, you should provide it with a treat. The longer the treat lasts the better. This treat should be given only when you plan to leave your dog for an extended period of time. Once the dog start associating the treat with your absence, it will get used to it.

There are also doggie daycare centers that you can use consider. These provide your dog with activities to keep it distracted.

In case your dog has a habit of jumping on guests when they arrive then it is a problem. Children can easily be scared by a jumping dog and elderly people can suffer injuries. provides a solution to this problem. Dogs react differently to negative attention. You should not react positively whenever you dog jumps. As the dog start relating the habit with negative attention it will stop doing it. You should also ask your guests to do the same. also provide tips for other problems faced by dog owners. These include dog chewing, dog whining, and many more.

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