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Pointers On Jack Russell Training That Really Work

2016/5/3 15:35:31

The Jack Russel terrier’s scraggy face and radiant eyes have made him a popular choice for a family dog, and this is why this breed is so often depicted in television and film. Conversely, while the Jack Russel is somewhat small his will is strong, and an untrained (or poorly trained) dog will most likely end up being the head of the house. The first thing any new Jack Russell terrier owner should know is that you have a long road of training ahead of you in order to establish yourself as the master of the house and the leader to your new dog. If you don’t start your training of this breed from the very first day he comes into your life, you will have problems getting him to obey some of the most very basic commands. Take a look at these training tips for a Jack Russel terrier that will guarantee your dog grows up to be the perfect family companion.

Tip #1 – Be Consistent

A Jack Russell terrier is a very smart creature, but the disposition he carries in conjunction to his “intelligence” may become a hindrance at times in training the Jack Russell. The naturally rebellious nature of these dogs compels them to try to “do their own thing” and work against your commands, even once they’ve taken the time to learn the rules. Consistent training can help to establish a proper pattern of behavior so be sure to remain firm in your expectations and reinforce correct behavior with plenty of praise and reward. Patience and time are required in order to properly train this breed, but once they do submit and obey, they are extremely loyal to their owners. The most crucial aspect an owner should bear in mind is that the household rules need to be persistently honored to keep your terrier in good order.

Natural-born Instincts

Understanding the breed of dog that you have selected is one of the most important keys to proper training, so you should know that Jack Russells have strong hunting instincts that could compel them to attack small animals or run away frequently to chase down a scent. Properly training your Jack Russell will help your pet curb these impulses but can never completely reverse the instinct to chase. As a rule, this will denote having the terrier on a leash while you are out on walks and ensuring that the yard is totally sealed off. Due to the fact that these dogs are notorious diggers, it would be wise to assess the borders of your yard to ensure your dog isn’t able to run away. Also, it would be bad judgment to keep a Jack Russell in a household with other small animals like hamsters or cats, as there is no promise that the terrier won’t try to “hunt” the other pets at some point.

It can take more time – and a lot more patience – to train a Jack Russell terrier compared to what’s required with other breeds of dogs, but it is worth every ounce of effort you put into it. These little terriers are filled with aptitude and character, and most of them are incredibly loyal to their masters. Your Jack Russell terrier will be a delightful part of your family for a long time.

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