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One Of These Is That K9 Advantix Is A Topical Ointment

2016/5/3 15:26:30

When it comes to finding the right flea control products to meat your needs you might find that you are overwhelmed.  However with K9 Advantix there are few things that you have to consider.

One of these is that K9 Advantix is a topical ointment that is available for flea control without a prescription.  You can get this product from your vet or from a variety of different locations including your veterinarian’s office and online.  Plus this treatment treats against a wide variety of pests including the fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and lice.

The best part about the treatments are that they first repel said pests, then they offer said pests treatment.  There are two main active ingredients that work with this system and they are permethrin and imidacloprid.  The way that they work is by attacking the central nervous system of these pests which causes them to be paralyzed.

Even while the K9 Advantix is doing all of this work it is safe for use on dogs as long as they do not ingest it.  You only have to apply this treatment monthly as the product will last for this long.  Your dog will be protected in all circumstances since the product is waterproof.

Studies show K9 Advantix to be safe for dogs that are at least seven weeks old.  This is one treatment for fleas that is not safe for other animals and is only made for dogs.  There could be a variety of side effects with cats who use the product and a possibility of death.

Even though K9 Advantix is known to be safe for dogs there are some side effects that you have to watch for.  If your dog experiences any of these then you should contact your veterinarian.  Allergic reactions are the most common form of a side effect.

Overall though the best feature with K9 Advantix is that it offers dogs protection from all types of pests that they might come into contact with.  Now if you pet only becomes exposed to fleas there are some additional treatment options that you have.