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Learn About English Bulldogs and Bulldog Puppies

2016/5/3 15:16:00

There are literally hundreds of breeds of dogs available today.  A common choice for some people will be English bulldogs.  Bulldogs are a very loyal breed and can be used in animal shows as well.  Bulldog puppies are generally classified into two categories of show quality and pets.

Show quality English bulldogs are usually placed with people who will be showing them in competitions.  However, it is important to remember that bulldog puppies are a pet bulldog first, show animals second.  Bulldogs can be an expensive pet to own however.

The price to purchase bulldog puppies can be as much as $2500.  Normally there will be a deposit required as well and if you plan to ship the animal there will be an additional charge also.  English bulldogs are very expensive to purchase when they are pure bred with papers.  You might find some that are less expensive, but they will not have championship bloodlines.

Bulldogs are a joy to their owners.  They can be playful and energetic.  It is commonly thought that English bulldogs are lazy dogs that do nothing but lounge around.  This is not a true statement.

Bulldog puppies are very rambunctious and active.  Show bulldogs also maintain their activity level.  They tend to have their own personalities that make them high quality pets as well as intriguing show dogs.

Because many people purchase bulldog puppies as a pet and then later realize they are too much work, English Bulldogs have their own rescue efforts.  Bulldogs are a high maintenance animal that should only be purchased if you have chosen to take on the responsibility of an animal that will require many hours of care.

Bulldog puppies are very cute and loveable.  English bulldogs are known by their low, wide stance and drooping mouths.

Bulldogs in general are loyal to their owners.  However, a stranger on the street will have the ability to get your dog’s attention quickly when they are carrying the right toy or treat.

If you are considering purchasing bulldog puppies, whether English bulldogs or other breeds of bulldogs, be certain that you can commit the necessary time and energy to their care.  Many breeders require a contract be signed stating that you agree to care for them properly.  Additionally many breeders have a clause stating that if you find you can no longer care for the animal that they will take the animal back.

About Us:

Castlewood Bulldogs is located in Missouri.  The owners have been providing quality puppies to approved homes for many years.  It is important to remember that a bulldog puppy is a lifelong commitment.  You should be certain that you can provide the care and companionship needed before bringing one into your home.  Once you have made that commitment, you can visit the site at to get more information on purchasing one of these wonderful pups.