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Beagles A Loving Companion

2016/5/3 14:53:07
Beagles come in a variety of colours, but usually with white feet and chest, as well as the tip of their tail, with tan and black markings on their backs. Solidly built, heavy for their height and very alert, they make excellent hunters. They are also intelligent, loving and affectionate dogs. Playing is there past time, which makes them excellent for children of all ages.

Beagles however do require a lot of attention, love and training. Neglect this and they will let you know by finding ways to get into trouble. Beagles should always be kept indoors or in a secure fenced area unless you enjoy chasing him all over the neighbourhood. Because they are hounds once there nose hits the ground they are gone. Their noses do carry them away and extensive obedience beagle training is a must. They must be taught from day 1 who is in control and this must not be the beagle.

Because of their love for food Beagles must be exercised a far amount or they will become couch potatoes. Exercise is needed on a leash as they have a tendency to roam. You need to be very cautious in the amount you allow your beagle to eat. A beagle typically doesn't know when to say no, they will eat themselves to death literally.

So where does the name beagle come from? Well it may have developed from the old English word for small, which is beag, or from the French word beguele which means open throat or loudmouth. The Beagle was used as a gundog to both seek out and retrieve. Today, Beagles serve as drug-sniffing dogs, as well as sniffer dogs that search out food in luggage being transferred to the U.S

Things to be aware of: The beagle is basically a very healthy breed, but you should select carefully to avoid genetically influenced problems such as: epilepsy, disc disease, thyroid abnormalities, hip dysphasia and cherry eye. The Beagle IS NOT for people who cannot play or walk it daily.

Beagles will bring out every emotion possible, they will make you laugh, cry, be angry and glad. All in one day. And because Beagles have a life expectancy of 14 or 15 years you will have a life long companion for a long time.

Regular, weekly grooming is necessary to ensure good health; and is an excellent opportunity to closely monitor your beagle抯 well-being. In addition, it is very important to clean and check your beagles' ears every week. Although all dogs are subject to ear infections, especially if the ears get wet, beagles and other dogs with heavy pendulous ears seem to suffer more as the ears get less air circulation.

The bottom line is that having a beagle as a family pet is a worthwhile investment. They will bring countless joy to your family and give you nothing but love. Housetraining your beagle will be an ongoing process but the rewards and lack of frustration will be worth it. For more information on house training beagles as well as other breeds of dogs please visit Pamper Pet Care today.