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Why dogs can be your best friend

2016/5/3 14:49:07
Owning a dog can be a very pleasant experience for the whole family. We have all heard stories or news about dogs saving lives or showing amazing determination and commitment. Dogs have some unique elements to their characters that few people can understand and appreciate. And most of these are the main reasons why dogs can be your best friend.

* A dog will never betray you.
* A dog will never lie to you.
* A dog will always look up on you.
* A dog will never hold it against you.
* A dog will never judge you.
* A dog will always be happy to see you, even if you just left the house.
* A dog will never be jealous. If you are happy it will make it happy too. If you are sad or in pain it will try to help you as much as possible.
* A dog will always be loyal to you and never abandon you. But only if you treat it right and don抰 restrain it.
* A dog can be an equal family member and will give you lots of good memories.
* A dog can heal you. Your dog抯 positive thinking and aura will heal you mentally. Even on the worst days, giving or taking a hug from your dog will make you feel better.
* A dog is the best medicine for loneliness, especially for elder people.
* A dog can help you socialize and find friends. There are many people who love dogs and do not own one, so it is much more likely you will meet someone and start conversation while walking your dog.
* A dog will make you laugh and have fun. Some of them are particularly funny and joyful and will provide you with unlimited hours of play and entertainment.
* A dog will understand you. It will not understand your words but it will understand your voice and feelings. Try it by speaking a different language.
* A dog will put your life above its life.
* A dog will always love you, unconditionally.

Now spend a moment on this and think, how many friends you have would do even half of the above?