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Breeding Discus Fish

2016/5/3 14:45:27
It is not uncommon that exotic fish owners find breeding discus fish a little bit difficult to get baby discus. The hardest part about breeding discus fish is finding the right mates, this issue rises from the fact discus like to choose their partners alone, and not anyone suits their 搕aste? Under such circumstances, you抳e got two solutions for breeding discus fish: you can either buy a couple or raise them together in a group and hope they will make couples. The first variant is not the happiest, since a discus fish couple can be as expensive as a few hundred dollars, which is a lot.

Therefore, the most advantageous option you抳e got is to start breeding discus fish by creating a discus group of at least six members and keep the fingers crossed that you get at least one couple. How do you recognize mates? Well, breeding discus fish is not that difficult from now on if you follow some basic rules. First of all, the 搉ew-weds?will delimitate a perimeter in the tank and will start defending it against trespassers. This means it抯 time for you to move to the second phase of breeding discus fish.

You should prepare a separate tank for your breeding discus fish and keep it as simple as possible. There抯 no need to put anything on the bottom of the fish tank, all they need is a vertical surface where they could lay their eggs. Your breeding discus fish should soon begin to spawn. Don抰 worry about the eggs that look whitish, those are infertile for sure, as for the rest, it is possible that the parents may eat some of them and protect the others. The good part about breeding discus fish is that they feed their own siblings for a few weeks.

In about three weeks time, you抣l have to move the fry into a special tank as it is not uncommon that the breeding discus fish be injured by their own babies who eat their scales for instance. Once they抮e off the parenthood responsibility, the breeding discus fish will begin a new cycle of reproduction and you may have some more siblings soon afterwards. Feeding and water are essential all throughout the breeding period, so, make sure that you don抰 make any mistakes. For further professional information on breeding discus fish you can always turn to the advice available on Fish Secret