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Bantu Dog -- Hottentot Hunting Dog

2016/5/3 14:34:56
About the Hottentot Hunting Dog

A average sized dog and a slender but well muscled body is a most common sight in South Africa. These canine animals are seen roaming about the villages. In addition to supple and elegant movements, these canines are seen running at great speed in the dirt roads around the rural settlements. These pet dogs are believed to have been around since 800 AD plus have been the intelligent in addition to truehearted companions of the Southern Africa's bushmen. These most dogs are called the Africanis. Africanis are highly valued by the indigenous population of South Africa not only for its hardiness in addition to hunting skills but also for its intelligence along with loyalty.

The Africanis are dubbed as the pets of Africa. The name is a compounding of Africa, for the continent in addition to canis for dog. Western breeds of most dogs were specifically bred and selected to arrive at a specified appearance. Human interference made possible for these western breeds to fit the required breed standard. The Africanis though is a result of natural selection. The dog's physical plus mental attributes have adapted to the rough environmental circumstances of the continent. Plus, as such Africanis differ in appearance. It also answers to various names in separate languages. This is why the Africanis is not considered to be a distinct breed. The name Africanis though covers all native Southern African canine. Only the fittest dog survives the rough Southern African terrain and climatic circumstances. This has made the Africanis one of the world's toughest natural races.

The Africanis was at one time considered to be mongrels. In fact Umbwa wa ki-shenzi, the Shawili name for these a dog means traditional dog or mongrel dog. The canine animals subsequently all vary in appearance as well as are found in a wide diversity of colors. The mongrel brand was removed when the dogs were extensively studied by Johan Gallant plus Joseph Sithole. These dog experts roamed the villages, studied as well as photographed the pet dogs they found in kraals as well as homesteads. These dogs that may differ in appearance have the same behavior thus it was concluded that they come from a coherent race.

africanis is a name precondition to all Southern African native puppies. These most dogs may vary in appearance but principally these average sized most dogs have a short coat that comes in a wide array of colors. Any color in addition to color combinations are acceptable. The short coat is harsh and thick. The limbs in addition to the head are covered as well as even more shorter hair. As mentioned, these puppies vary in appearance. An Africanis can also be wire-haired. The Africanis is noted to be an excellent hunter. The dark loose skin prevents the dog from sustaining severe hunting injuries. The loose skin makes convinced that the muscles as well as tissues remain intact. The dog may or may not have markings. A distinct characteristic of the breed is the on an irregular basis formed ridge that is commonly seen at the back of the dog. "Ridged" individuals are not worthy for breeding as the mutation was attributed to a dermoid sinus.