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Whats The #1 Pet In The United States?

2016/5/3 10:45:59

What\'s the #1 Pet In the United States?

Hey animal lovers, can you guess what the number one pet is in the United States? I was very surprised to find out from The Humane Society of the United States (August 12, 2011) that it was the Cat! I own two cats and I would actually like more! Cats are the best pet to have!

Cats are virtually self-sufficient unlike the dog. Dogs are very dependent on their owner. Dogs can't go to the bathroom without the owners help! I guess the dog can go to the bathroom in your residence but that is not what you want them to do! The cat can use the litterbox for their bathroom with or without you home! All you have to do is provide fresh clean water daily for your feline and food.

The cat does not require daily exercise unlike the dog. The dog will become destructive to your residence or aggressive towards people if they do not get enough daily exercise. What is great fun to do with your cat and it gives them exercise is using a laser light! It will make you laugh yourself silly playing with your cat(s) while exercising them too! I also have one cat that will retrieve a fuzzy little mouse toy when I throw it across the room. He brings it back to me and drops it down by my feet. I think it is totally cool that my male cat does this!

Cats don't need as much food to eat as a dog. So my indoor cats cost less to feed than a dog. Cats in general are not as expensive as a dog. The only time I need to take my cats to the vet is for their annual check-up and shots! Since they are indoors, they are not getting injured or in fights with other animals.

My cats come up for love when they want it. Sometimes they are lap cats and sometimes they just want to be left alone. However, they always seem to want to be near one of the family members; they may be touching us or 1 inch away from us sitting on the couch.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you are wondering what type of pet to or cat? I highly recommend a cat! They do show the owners unconditional love. If you come home in a bad mood, all you need is that kitty cat to walk up to you; you start petting them and all of a sudden you are smiling and talking to that kitty cat. They are wonderful pets!