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Pets New Year Resolutions For You & Your Pet

2016/5/3 10:39:29
tr> New Year is a great time to make resolutions. As we prepare resolutions for ourselves, we should also plan for our pet so that your pet has a healthy and happy new year! Let’s check out what resolutions we can plan for our pet.

Resolution 1
If you want to adopt a new pet then you can go for it this New Year. There are many pets that need a safe home to live.

Resolution 2
Choose a proper and appropriate diet plan for your pet according to their age. The pets that are growing require a specific nutrient requirement to ensure they are growing properly. Take help of a licensed pet vet in case of any doubt.

Resolution 3
The owner should measure their pet’s feed to avoid overeating and obesity. It is important to use 8 ounce measuring a cup to ensure that your pet is having the right amount of food. Measuring of food is very important to avoid obesity or weight gain gradually.

Resolution 4
Along with proper food, playtime is also important for the pet. Playing with toys is a great way for exercising and physical activities. Proper exercise and physical activity is also a must for maintaining a good health.

Resolution 5
Trying out some new activities for your pet is a must. This will help both the owner and the pet to have good bonding between them plus will have a healthy physical activity.

Resolution 6
Practice good oral hygiene for your pet. Daily brushing their teeth with toothpaste can help to keep the tarter and plaque away. Regular cleaning and proper vet checkup is a must.

Resolution 7
Grooming your pet regularly is a must for keeping them clean and healthy. Brushing helps to remove the excess fur, distribute oils from the skin to fur and keep the coat healthy and shiny.

Resolution 8
Regular checkup with your vet expert is a key for good care. Many conditions such as arthritis, obesity and diabetes are also common in pets. They can be managed earlier if diagnosed in early stage. So, regular checkup is a must.

Resolution 9
Teach your elder dog new tricks to keep their brain active and healthy. Puzzle feeders are the best way to keep their mind engaged.

Resolution 10
If you have changed your address and phone number, also remember to update it on the pet’s ID tag. If you forget to do this, it might happen that the pet is lost. An updated pet ID tag might help to safely bring him home.

Follow some of these New Year resolutions and keep in touch with GenericFrontlinePlus for more pet health related updates.