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Pets Top 15 Applications of Piezo Element

2016/5/3 10:38:30
tr> The market for piezo element noticeably has risen over last few years. The manufacturers are now using latest technologies to make their products fit for more applications. Different industries are now craving for these products. The lightweight and affordable piezo diaphragm and other components are making the consumer products handy. Right from automotive to consumer electronics manufacturers are buying industrial acoustics products made of piezo technology.

15 Uses of Piezo Siren, Buzzer and Piezoelectric Elements:

1. Alarm Clocks – All of us can identify the tune of alarm clocks as these are with us from the childhood. These elements present in both desktop and wristwatch alarm clocks. 2. Cell Phone – In most types of featured phones, you can notice the use of piezo element. These are lightweight and have more features to be in mobile phones. 3. Computer Motherboards – These are being used in most types of computing devices and in the computer motherboard too. The use of piezo diaphragm is handy on various ICs. 4. Diesel Fuel Injectors – These components became an essential element of quieter diesel engines. The piezoelectric actuators are able to control the valves within fuel injectors at high-pressure fuel injection system. 5. Ear Buds – Piezoelectric speakers are economical plus very lightweight and have the potential to generate optimum sound. Pleasant and high volume sound also can be generated from it. 6. Fire Alarms – The heat, smoke or fire detectors are having piezo siren or similar components to generate sound. These are one of the most useful applications of piezoelectricity. 7. Intruder Alarms – In most of the market available safety and security systems, you can find the utilization of these components. 8. Microphones – The sound vibrations can be easily converted to an electrical output through these piezoelectric elements. Some special kind of microphones uses this technology to effectively use the sound waves. 9. Microwave Ovens – The electromechanical buzzer made of piezo element used in the microwave ovens. The heat resistance and other qualities make it perfect for this kind of use. 10. Musical Instrument Pickups – For converting acoustic vibrations to electric signals, piezoelectric pickups are used in most kinds of musical instruments. It really made the acoustic-electric stringed instruments like guitar, violins, cellos, etc more functional. 11. Piezoelectric Printers – The dot matrix printers are able to print duplicate and triplicate carbon printout copies with these piezo products. Its use in inkjet printers too got more popularity. 12. Toys – Piezoelectric speakers and piezo siren are widely used in very small and lightweight sound making devices. And the electronic toys for children use this feature. 13. Ultrasonic Procedures – In various medical devices, piezo diaphragm and other piezoelectric components are used widely. It really helped in surgery and medical diagnosis processes. 14. Ultrasonic Welding – Piezoelectric actuators has the potential to join many plastics through ultrasonic welding process. 15. Ultrasound Imaging – The Piezo transducers are widely used in the medical ultrasound equipments. The physicians use them in some advanced surgeries and monitoring of pregnancies like stuffs.

The continuous advancements of this technology really made it expedient for many complex applications. The manufacturers of these products are using latest technologies to produce high quality products.

Irving Blair is an acoustic equipment expert. He uses various acoustic products and reviews its performance. Recently he reviewed piezo element and recommend this piezo siren for various industrial usages.