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My Puppy And Dry Dog Food Story

2016/5/3 10:28:29

It wasn't too long ago after I finished my dog buying activity before I started looking for the best dry dog foods to purchase for them. After all, what is a dog or puppy without good food? You might as well let him/her starve instead of feeding him/her something you wouldn't eat if you were in his shoes. Back to the previously mentioned activity - the dog buying activity. I purchased 2 puppies two weeks ago. They were lovely and it was quite some fun playing with them. However, I wasn't satisfied. Who said 2 puppies were enough for someone like me?

Actually, my Lab retriever gave up the ghost 1 week earlier before I bought the puppies. Have you ever mourned a dead dog? Well, that's not me! I wouldn't do that. I just sat down, thought for a while about how he had been my favourite and trusted companion for more than 2 years. Ok that was it. I didn't want it to seem like I didn't miss him so I decided to wait for a week before buying another. After buying two puppies 1 week later, I wanted more. By the way, they were both Labrador retrievers.

I happened upon 3 puppies (all Labradors) on my way to a secluded area and I thought... "buying these would definitely end my dog purchasing expedition". After 2 hours, I was able to contact the owner of the three dogs. He was a fair and hairy man. We talked and I finally convinced him to sell his dogs - a quite arduos task it was. Yep, I was satisfied. I had and now have enough dogs to last me for at least 10 years. I resolved to prevent, at all costs, the previous incident, from happening again. It wasn't my fault. I took care of my Lab properly.

Next thing, started searching for the best dry dog foods. After reading a lot of articles, visiting lots of forums, and visiting several vets for consultation on the matter, I found out that dry dog foods were actually better than wet ones. So I went to Amazon and started browsing through their extensive list of dry dog foods in order to find the perfect one for my young Labs. It took a while and I finally found two different Labrador retriever dry dog foods. I fed both of them to each puppy, trying to find which one each would be more receptive to. To my surprise, they enjoyed both foods.

Well now, I once again have dogs I love. I'm gonna put in my all to make sure they are always away from danger, feed well, and most importantly, live longer.