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Dog ear cleaning: How to do it?

2016/5/3 9:17:49

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from © We all know the fact that dog ear cleaning is very important and you need to be regular in it. If you neglect this particular issue, then there are several problems that might actually arise if your dog抯 ears are left untreated. There are several parts in a dog抯 ear. There is a flap and a groove near the ear canal. The ear canal goes into the eardrum. Looking at this, you must have actually understood how bacteria can actually grow and survive in the dog's ear. There are lots of grooves and ridges in your dog's ears. So, if you do not keep these areas clean, then the bacteria actually survives in that particular area and would lead to several kinds of infections.

This is the reason why dog ear cleaning plays a very important role. If your dog shakes his ears often or if you actually observe swelling or any kind of smelly discharge then it is high time that you pay attention to the kind of infection. It might also be experiencing quite a bit of pain. If there is pain, then do not actually attempt to clean the ears. Instead, ensure that you take your dog to the neatest vet immediately. If you do not take immediate care, or if you do not treat the infection, then there are more chances for a permanent damage in your dog's ear.

Now, how do you go about the process of dog ear cleaning? Well let me explain that. Touch your dog抯 ears gently and massage them. When your dog feels good and feels relaxed, take a look inside the ears and rub them. Don't try to go too deep into the ears because it might pain your dog. As long as you do this gently, your dog might actually enjoy and have a nice time during the whole process. While you do all these things, make sure that you check whether there is any symptom of any kind of an infection.

If you find that there is infection, then don't try to clean the ear. But if there is no infection, then you go ahead with the process of dog ear cleaning. If you ensure that you clean the dirt very often, then you can definitely prevent any kind of infection in the future. If your dog抯 ears are healthy, then they should actually look pink in color and should be free from any kind of dust or smelly discharge.

When it comes to the deeper aspects of dog ear cleaning, you need to buy a good ear wash and swabs or cotton pads. Sit in a comfortable place in your house and place your dog beside you. Apply some amount of ear wash and gently massage the ear for a few seconds. Make sure that you maintain gaps in the whole process so that your dog can actually shake his ears whenever he feels uncomfortable. Using the cotton pad, try to wipe off the dust from the ear. If there is any dust, use dry cotton and try to wipe it off. In the whole process, ensure that the cotton does not get stuck inside the ear.

If your dog has long ears, then you need to ensure that you go through the process of dog ear cleaning every week. Long ears are prone to infection and this is the reason why you need to be very careful when it comes to regular cleaning. Most of the other breeds of dogs with short ears would require dog ear cleaning only once in a month.

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