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A Gravel Vacuum Can Help Keep Your Aquarium Clean

2016/5/3 9:17:07
Having fish at home entails having a large water tank. Though small fish tanks are indeed a common option for most buyers, some people opt for larger aquariums for design and storage capabilities. They want to include more fish and more decorative pieces that are set to emulate the natural marine environment of the fish. Though this provides a more functional and stylish aquarium for the fish, it also results in more responsibilities to cover. Since large aquariums house more fish and more decorative elements, it is also quickly polluted with dirt and bacteria that may affect the health and lifespan of your fish if not properly cleaned regularly. Fortunately, the use of aquarium gravel vacuum cleaners makes those time-consuming activities faster and more convenient for aquarium owners. The machine enables people to clean their aquarium within the least amount of time possible thus helping the fish live longer and healthier. However, one problem that has arisen in today's market for aquarium gravel vacuum cleaners is that the wide selection of the machines available in stores and online sites have made it quite overwhelming and daunting for first time shoppers to choose which the best one is suitable for their needs. Here are some of the best vacuum cleaners for aquarium gravel that you can opt for during your search.

One ideal option is the Aqueon Siphon Vacuum Aquarium Gravel Cleaner. The device is ideal for fast water changes and boasts several cutting edge features that are rare within its respective product category or market niche. The cleaner features self-priming by means of using up and down movement to initiate water flow. It is also capable of efficiently separating dirt and debris from gravel components inside the aquarium. The machine is designed with an auto-start valve that makes water siphoning much simpler and easier for any level aquarium owner. You will need to simply shake the vacuum in an up and down routine for a few times while it is submerged in the aquarium and the water will start to flow automatically. The package includes a clip for conveniently attaching the drain hose to the bucket's interior to avoid spills and mess during cleaning.

If you have a smaller aquarium to tend to, you can opt for the Marina Clean Gravel Cleaner from Hagen. The product is designed to provide easy to use and effective cleaning that is simply loved by aquarium hobbyists and owners. The device has a quick-start feature that enables ongoing siphoning of the aquarium. The nozzle is created to easily reach hard to reach places for thorough cleaning. It also features a non-kink hosing and a unique gravel guard capability that keeps the gravel inside the tank and not in the bucket.

So how does a siphon, also known as an aquarium gravel cleaner, work? The machine is operated with gravity and hydrostatic pressure. To get water to move up and down and out the aquarium, gravity is utilized to push the aquarium water down and outwards the glass through the downward force generated by gravity. Using a siphon is ideal due to several benefits it entails. Beneficial bacteria grow and live underneath and within the tight spots of goldfish aquarium gravel substrate making it unwisely to remove the elements from the tank during cleaning. When the gravel from the aquarium is taken out and washed in the sink with soap or bleach, the individual does not realize that they are killing the beneficial bacteria in the process. With the use of gravel cleaner, waste particles are safely and completely removed while enabling the beneficial bacteria to stay and continue benefiting the fish.


Keeping a large aqaurium clean can be a difficult task. A gravel vacuum allows you to clean the rocks in your tank as well as help you change out your water.