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What Pet Food Ingredients Do to Your Pet

2016/5/3 9:06:38

Poor quality pet food ingredients can harm your pet before you actually see and signs of ill health. Though they look healthy on the outside they are slowly dying on the inside because of poor nutrition. 
When you see the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) label on pet food you can tell by the price of that product if the ingredients used are of high or low quality because that is how they are rated by the AAFCO.   Of course generic brands of pet food that sells for less than $15.00 for a 40 pound bag does not necessarily mean they are good or bad, it just means you can bet that the quality of ingredients that are used is from the bottom of the barrel so to speak. 
The cost of buying pet food with quality ingredients of course would be higher.  You know the saying, "you get what you pay for", which is still not actually true when it come to our pets' food. The labels are so deceiving that you need to know how to really read them.
Protein is the most important pet food ingredient and it can come from many different sources such as chicken, cattle, lamb, venison and pork. When these animals are slaughtered the choice cuts are trimmed for human consumption which is less than 50% the rest of the remains which consist of the ligaments, bones, blood, intestines, lungs and others that are not consumed by humans is used in our pets food, as other products. 
If you haven't guess the "other products" are known as "by-products" and you might see it as "meat-and-bone-meal," or similar names on pet food labels.   The meat and poultry by-products provide a problem with uncertain outcome of nourishment for our pets. 
Each batch of food can have a different nutritional content quality plus the waste from the slaughterhouses can cause many health problems such as, liver failure, kidney failure, cancer, degenerative diseases, skin diseases, constipation diarrhea and allergies.
Even though most of these meat and poultry by-products goes through a rendering process done by most pet food manufactures it does not destroy  the harmful chemicals that were giving to these animals such as antibiotics or pentobarbital that is used to euthanize animals. This process might kill some bacteria but it does not eliminate other toxins like endotoxins, which most pet food makers do not test products for endotoxins.
Not knowing what actually goes in your pets' food can cause problems with our pets without us really putting two and two together until it is too late.  AAFCO has set standards for the quality of ingredients used but it needs to improved, the connections between them (AAFCO), the FDA and the CMV needs to be for the health of our pets not the wealth in their pockets. 
There should be more testing and should only use quality ingredients not waste slaughterhouses or any dead animals. We wouldn't eat that so why would we want to give products made with those ingredients to our pets?