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What Is A Sugar Glider And Why Such A Popular Pet?

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In recent years, Sugar Gliders or as they are also known, Sugar Bears and Honey Gliders have become a very popular pet worldwide but what are they? Why are they such a popular pet? Are they easy to care for? These are a few questions I do get to my Sugar Glider Blog and questions I will gladly answer with an Article.

What Is A Sugar Glider?

Sugar Gliders are very cute and very small Marsupials (non-placental mammals) and they are native to Australia, New Guinea, The Bismark Archipelago and Tasmania. They get the name Sugar Glider due to their love of sweet things and just like Flying Squirrels can glide in the air from around 50-160 meters which is quite amazing and majestic.

They are nocturnal (which you will certainly find out if you buy one as a pet) and sleep in their nests through the day sharing the nest with up to 6 to 7 other adults and any new born babies. They are commonly found in the forests especially near Eucalyptus Trees where they will hunt insects or smaller vertebrate and they also love sucking the sweet sap of certain trees.

In size the male is usually bigger than the female and can grow to around 12 inches long and they have 5 fingers with claws that helps them stick to trees as they glide from branch to branch.

Why Is A Sugar Glider Such A Popular Pet?

Sugar Gliders are not on the endangered list. Because of this you could say they have been exploited by breeders and shoved in to pet stores all over the USA and Europe. But there is a huge demand for Sugar Gliders and the reason is, they do make extraordinary very good pets, once they are cared for and even trained properly from the first day you bring one home.

Sugar Gliders are very intelligent and like dogs and cats, they are equally as needy, if not more. Like dogs and cats, they can live up to 15 years, but unfortunately because many do not know how to properly care for a Glider, they do not live more that a couple of months, sad really.

But when cared for properly, they are amazing pets, a lot of fun, full of character and very loving and can stay with you sitting in your pocket as they tend to bond with an owner right from the first day you take one home, so cute.

Are They Easy To Care For?

Tricky question. Some will say no, others yes. But it really boils down to the individual. Remember, these creatures live for 15 years, so treat them like you would a dog or cat. They need specific diets, can be noisy at night (what a crazy sound) need constant attention and a proper cage to sleep in. You really need to learn how to take care of these pets and all the correct details and information to do so.

It will take a little work but you can develop a routine. But, they are totally worth it and make amazing pets. As you will find out, just like a dog or cat your glider will greet you the same and show the same love, and in return will expect the same thing, so be sure to know what you are doing and all about Sugar Gliders before you purchase one.