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Getting Ready For a New Toy Puppy

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You might want to take a blanket or towel to the toy puppy breeder’s home several days before bringing your puppy home. The goal here is to pick up the scent of the puppy, as well as his mother, littermates and breeder. When the toy puppy arrives in is new home he will have something soft to cuddle up with that smells just like his original home. This can be very comforting. It can be used in his bedding so the toy puppy has something he’s accustomed to smelling and sleeping on. One excellent choice in blankets for bedding is the soft hand made crochet blankets.

Changes in food and water can upset any dog’s digestive system. The toy puppy may be a little bit more susceptible illness with changes in food and water. If your breeder has found a complete and balanced diet that his/her dogs do well on, then by all means use the same food, at least until the toy puppy has adjusted to its new home, family and surroundings. If you must change the food, please make the change gradually.

A new owner should have a toy puppy layette ready well in advance of the day when puppy comes home. Read a couple of books about the toy breed you have selected. It helps to know a particular breed’s characteristics ahead of time. The adjustment process is easier if you know what to expect before you bring your new toy puppy home.

Toys should be purchased with safety in mind, with no loose parts that puppies can chew off. Check for eyes and other small parts that could be easily removed and swallowed. Teething toy puppies need plenty of chew toys and hard bones to help soothe the pain of teething.

When putting together your toy puppy’s layette, have several soft towels ready for bath time. Add a brush, comb, nail clipper and tearless shampoo to your shopping list along with a soft collar and leash. Consider buying the same type of food and water dishes the breeder has been using so the toy puppy will find them familiar.

Keep in mind that toy breed puppies lose body temperature very quickly in cold weather. You will need to have a coat, sweaters and cozy soft fleece t-shirts for your new toy puppy layette.

Bringing your toy puppy home should be a very happy occasion, but try to keep the excitement down so as not to frighten or upset the new puppy. Talk to the toy puppy in the car during the trip. Make sure you give him an opportunity to relieve himself before taking him inside your home, preferably in a special place for elimination you have chosen.

Take him to the room where he will be spending most of his time and let him explore the room. Be sure you have puppy-proofed the areas your toy puppy will be in before you bring him home. Electrical cords should not be exposed (he will chew on them). There should be nothing he can get into that might harm him. Keep your vet’s phone number near your telephone. Confining your new toy puppy to one room until he is housebroken is only being wise. You can allow the puppy to explore other areas once he is housebroken. Give him a toy, play with him gently, let him relieve himself and be sure he knows where his bed or crate is for nap times.

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