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Dog Names

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What’s in a name? This question has been asked for centuries and the answer is everything. Dog names are one of the most talked about topics on the internet and beyond. The reason is that they are fun. Dog names are so much fun to discuss and choose. Nothing feels worse than when someone looks at your dog and asks what the name is and after you reply they say she doesn’t look like a “your dog name”. I am a firm believer that dog names must fit the dog that it is for. Some breeds look like certain names just as some dogs could never look like certain names. I feel that a boxer dog always looks like a Butch or a Champ. I am not sure why but that is just an example of what dog name fits a certain breed of dog.

Some people have their dog names picked out before ever seeing the dog it is for. I am not a big fan of this because it seems, in more cases than not, that a dog will actually pick its own name by its face, behavior or personality. Some dog names have the feeling or sound of energy. If you have a slow moving apathetic laid back dog than one of these name will not fit them, unless you are trying to make a statement. I know you know what I mean, that combination does not work and you will not know this until you actually have the dog at home. If you have a goofy floppy type of puppy or dog then certain dog names will fit perfectly but stronger and bolder dog names will not fit the same way.

I find that it is a good idea to ask others. When people come over to see your new dog or view pictures of your new dog ask them for their opinion of what the dog name should be. Do not worry, if your dog has no name for a few days after coming home it will be fine. The fact is that a dog name will stick for years and years to come so wait a few days and be patient so that the appropriate dog names are used. A few days come and go but bad dog names stay for a lifetime. There are a number of places to find dog names and the sky is the limit. Many people name their dog after products, some people get their dog names from baby name books, some name their dog after other people, some dog names are colors or flowers or states or basically any other thing you can think of. Unlike a person, dog names are more acceptable if they are out of the ordinary and even strange. The dogs in the dog park will not make fun of your dog name no matter what it is. I cannot say the same for the other dog owners so choose your dog name wisely.

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