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Bring Happiness Into Your Life and Get a Pet

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Are you looking to feel more happiness in your life and enjoy just being alive? Are you thinking of the song; Be Happy Now? If so have you considered getting a furry companion to live with you? A puppy, dog or kitten or cat to bring happiness to your humble home; if so it is easy to go and get a pet from the pound and boy will they be happy to be loved and well cared for instead of being trapped in a cage in a smelly environment.

You know having a pet will make you happier and the pet will be happier too. Do you know why dating advisors tell men to buy a pet and go walk in the park to meet women? Because women like pets because they make them happy and women also know that any man with a pet is obviously a nice guy too. Why, because he is so very happy you see? Simple stuff really.

Why do pets make us so happy? What type of pet are you thinking of getting? A dog perhaps, how about a cat? How about a parrot; just think you can have a happy companion, who is happy just like you. Happiness can start with pet ownership, but you must decide what type of pet you want.

Just because you picked a dog or cat, does not mean you are finished, because there are so many types of dogs and cats to choose from. So, you need to make up your mind and then you are well on your way to becoming a happier you. Consider all this in 2006.

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