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Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkies are one of the world’s smallest dogs. Although their origins are uncertain, many experts believe they were probably developed by the working men of North England who bred them to catch rats in the mine shafts. They were also used in hunting to penetrate into fox and badger burrows. The first Yorkies were much bigger than the tiny dogs we see today. They were made into a fashion dog by selective breeding throughout the years.

Besides their obvious small size Yorkshire Terriers are eager sweet natured dogs. They are very energetic and adventurous. They are also known to be very intelligent, cunning and stubborn. This explains why they may be hard to house break. Although, most Yorkies are less than 7 lbs, don’t be fooled! This tiny dog can pack a powerful punch. The Yorkie is known to be a great watch dog and may snap is surprised or provoked.

Some Yorkies, like many smaller dogs, are prone to early tooth decay. Feeding them dry food can help keep their teeth strong and healthy. Also, although the “teacup” sizes are all the rage, they are prone to having serious behavior and health problems.

All in all, these tiny characters can catch a mouse, defend a home and be a fashionista all in the same day.

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