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Dogs – Essential Accessories

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Dog Essentials

People use accessories to accentuate the beauty of a certain
thing. There are also times that they buy accessories in order
to protect the product against harmful elements in the

These concepts are also true when applied to taking care of
dogs. Pet owners tend to pamper their dogs and many dog lovers
even contend that buying dog accessories gives the same
satisfaction as shopping for loved ones.

Today, there many dog accessories available on the market and
choosing the best dog accessories can be challenging. Here are
some tips on what to look for when buying accessories for your

1. Dog collars

There are varieties of dog collars available in the market
today, ranging from plain to fancy. Whatever type or design one
may prefer, the most important thing to consider is that it
should properly fit the dog. It should never be too loose or too
tight. Experts say that the ideal space between the dog’s neck
and the collar should be two fingers wide.

2. Dog leash

It is always best to buy a good leash and not scrimp on the
price. There are many types available. The most important factor
to keep in mind is the size of the leash. Depending on the size
of you dog, you want to make certain you buy one strong enough
to hold him. If your dog is smaller, you don’t want to buy a
leash that is too large.

3. Food and water bowls

It’s important to purchase food ad water bowls that are not
easily tipped over. Also, some people purchase those large
watering systems that are similar to what some humans have
bottled water delivered in. They are large and are supposed to
keep your pet in drinking water for a longer period of time.
Depending on the size of your dog, make certain that the water
will be consumed fairly quickly. Water for your pet should be
fresh and clean. Water that has been left standing isn’t a good
idea to feed your pet.

4. Dog toys

Most dogs are fond of playing, so, it’s best to give them toys
to gnash, chew, or bite with. Having his own things will make
him more behaved instead of chewing slippers or shoes. Again,
make certain that the toys are appropriate for the size of the
dog. Too small, and just like a child, they could choke. If the
toy is too large for a smaller animal they won’t be able to lift

5. Doghouses

When placed outside, dogs should have their own place for
shelter. This is to keep them away from direct sunlight or from
the rain or snow. If your dog is left alone for long periods of
time, make certain that his “home” is the right size and will
protect him from the elements.

One last thought . . . never, never leave your dog in a locked
vehicle. It can be a death sentence.