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Some great tips on brushing your dog

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So your pooch is in need of a brushing? Grooming your dog should
be a pleasurable time for both you and your dog. Remember that a
good brushing as often as possible is going to go a long way in
keeping your dog looking and feeling great. After all, brushing
isn’t for just removing the little nasties that it’s fur can
pick up. When you brush your dog once a day it will cut down on
the shedding dramatically and you will also be aware of any coat
or skin problems your pet may have and you may even detect some
internal parasites. One rule of thumb to remember, if your dog
has a dull coat, it could be the sign of worm infestations and
you are best advised to take “Fido” to the veterinarian as soon
as possible.

Here are a few tips you can use when it comes to buying grooming
supplies for your dog. Purchase the tools that are matched to
your dog’s coat. Some common brushes include the following. For
long wavy hair or a wire coat a pin brush is the best as the
straight pins will go deep enough to pull out the dead hair that
causes your pet’s hair to mat and will also be effective in
expelling any fleas. For short coats, a soft bristled brush is
perfect for this type of hair. Even though it is not strong
enough to penetrate deeper into a long-coated dog, on a
short-hair dog it is ideal for removing dead hair and spreading
the skin’s natural oils. Another type of dog coat is the silky
or long curly coat and for this you should purchase a slicker
brush. Common in most pet stores, it is the one with the flat,
rectangular head, and bent wire bristles. It can be used on just
about any type of dog coat and is an excellent tool to work out
tangles and to keep the straight silky coat soft and shiny.

You can use a wide-toothed comb to clean the undercoat of dogs
with heavy, dense fur that sometimes remains untouched with
other types of grooming tools. You can also purchase what is
called a hound glove. These are unique brushes that you wear
like a glove. It is a semi-soft rubber-bristled brush on one
side that loosens dead fur in short haired dogs, and the wire
bristles on the other side strip the dead hair away. Your pet
will feel caressed and those dogs that might fight grooming time
will generally sit and enjoy the experience. Most of all,
remember to hug and love your pet and make this time an
enjoyable one for both.

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