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Pet owners are checking the labels! More than 65 million U.S.
households have pets, and maintaining a pet’s health is among
the greatest challenges to ownership. Pet owners spend upwards
of $12 billion per year on veterinary care. Now pet owners are
going back to basics and checking label ingredients for harmful
chemicals, fillers, antibiotics and steroids on the products
they give their pets. A 2003 survey revealed 52% of pet owners
are switching to all natural products for their pets. The makers
of Pawmax™ brand pet supplements hope to ease the burden of
unexpected pet healthcare costs by announcing the launch of new
products designed to promote a lifetime of health and wellness
for your pet. One recent survey reported that 84 percent of pet
owners in the US consider their pets to be their “children”.
And, nearly 75 percent say they would be willing to spend what
ever it takes to protect their pet’s well being. Michael Rizzo,
President and CEO Of Pawmax™. Inc said: “Our mission is to help
pets lead the healthiest and fullest life possible. A truly
balanced and comprehensive health – wellness pet supplement did
not exist, so Pawmax™ products were born. Pawmax™ brand
supplements contain only the highest quality non-toxic UPS
human-grade ingredients, no fillers, antibiotics, steroids or
fat. Before their release, Pawmax™ products were tested and
endorsed by pet professionals as well as veterinarians and
contain over 50 nutrients and ingredients essential to proper
pet health and nutrition. A product such as Pawmax™ has the
ability to offer both, pet owners and Pet Professionals peace of

What is Pawmax™? Pawmax™ ™ is a chewable nutritional
multi-vitamin and performance supplement for dogs of all ages,
sizes and breeds. Pawmax™ is the most complete dog health care
supplement ever developed and is 100% safe and natural. Pawmax™
formula is Vet recommended for daily pet health and post
surgical recovery support. Mr Rizzo goes on to say: “When you
give your dog Pawmax™ you will notice immediate results in their
energy levels, mood enhancement and a general overall healthy
glow”. The Pawmax™ formula is a high quality performance
supplement for Competition and show dogs, Racing dogs, Breeding
dogs, as well as geriatric dogs and puppies. So whether your dog
is working or a household pet, Pawmax™ is essential for their
health, wellness and happiness. In conclusion Mr Rizzo Said:
“Pawmax™ supplements are a win-win situation for Pet
Professional’s, for the public and for the pet. The pet can
receive a lifetime nutritional support he needs for health and
wellness, Pet Professionals can do their job and feel good about
it, and the people who own the pet can save the animal
considerable pain and suffering by treating the cause of
degenerative conditions not the problems that arise from them.
You can start your pet on the Pawmax™ daily program as young as
6 weeks of age. Pawmax™ brand supplements offer pet owners a
considerable advantage against unanticipated vet costs that
arise from poor health due to improper nutritional support”. For
product information and Free Samples:

Visit our website, Call toll free in the
US 1-888-417-0994

Or Write To: Pawmax PO BOX 65

Hamlin NY 14464