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A Few Things to Understand Before Breeding Dogs

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A Few Things to Understand Before Breeding Dogs

     Pups, like a new born baby bring a lot of joy into the family and hence you may be thrilled with the idea of breeding your dog. It is however important to consider a few factors prior to breeding your pet.

Like a parent, you as an owner feel responsible; and thus care for your dog. It is also very common for owners to be misled into believing that their pet is of the highest pedigree. This however is a wrong approach if you are thinking of breeding your pet and furthering its pedigree. We as pet lovers and owners need to ask ourselves a set of questions about breeding a dog. It's very important to find if there may be any genetic defect in your dog.

Often we make a mistake by breeding our pets when we feel that they is distressed. Breeding him or her at this point is bad because your pet needs to be mature enough to take on the process of breeding. If your pet is the female, then she needs to be around 2 years old before you think of breeding her.

It often happens that when your pet delivers, you are temporarily shocked to see the number of pups in the litter. You did not think there could be so many. This, as you might have guessed, raises a concern for some. Pups, like any baby, need love and care. So prior to breeding ask yourself if you would be able to accommodate half a dozen whelping, noisy, energetic pups.

Would you have the time to sit with the mom when she is giving birth? How about the cleaning, weaning, feeding routine for the next eight to twelve weeks? Can you afford to do all of this? And how about all those trips to the vet?

In case of a pedigree you might want to sell them off, but might just be disappointed that the pups are not of pedigree due to some genetic defect. Then what? Would you chose to give them away or sell them at a lower cost? But if you think of yourself as a good breeder, you should be willing to accept responsibility for them always and be ready to take them back if needed. Would you really be in a position to handle all of this?

If you still want to go ahead with breeding, great! Then your final choice should be a stud dog if attempting to breed a pedigree, as you would want pups with great posture and looks. And, if your aim is to breed a pedigree, you are looking for that perfect dog from a rather artistic point of view over conventional pet owners.

Try finding a dog who would be a perfect match for yours and can build her positives and make up for her weaknesses. You may have to do some research before you end up finding a quality male for your female.

Whatever you do, always bear in mind that you are conducting your experiments on a living animal. Their life should always precede your interests, especially those concerning money.

Happy Breading!!!