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Akitas For Sale - What to Look For

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Akitas For Sale - What to Look For

     Picture this: you have been looking for a potential dog for ages and you've never been happy with the results. You've considered all sorts of breeds but so far have come up empty-handed. Well, here's a possible dog for you: The Akita, the epitome of both nobility and power. With a medium-length snout, fluffy coat, webbed feet and royal disposition, the Akita dog just might be the answer to your problems. All you have to know is where to find an Akita for sale and what to look for, so that there will be minimum problems, with pros easily outweighing the cons when your Akita arrives at your home.

What are the breed standards for an Akita for sale? First of all, it is under the working group, which means that an Akita is naturally well-built and strong. Any Akita that is out-of-character by being inactive and unresponsive for long periods of time can pose problems. Akitas are meant to be large (though not as large as some dogs), strong and alert. They have naturally broad heads and a deep muzzle. Their eyes are small and their ears are often erect. Their neck is very thick, which is a well-known characteristic of the breed. Lastly, their tail is also popular for it is large and curled.

An Akita for sale should look muscular, and not puny. The body is wrinkle-free when the Akita is relaxed. Its jaw should be remarkably square with least dewlap as possible. Akitas with narrow heads are considered faulty, for when viewed from above, the wide head should appear as a blunt triangle. Its muzzle should be full, and its nose broad and completely black. The ears of an Akita are small but very erect and triangular. They shouldn't be too low, or damaged in any way. Akita dogs' eyes are always dark brown, their lips black and their tongues pink. Their teeth are normally strong, and not too short.

The most important thing to note is that an Akita for sale should look healthy and active. Akitas with weak dispositions are usually a bad sign. You don't necessarily have to buy an Akita meant for show, but the common breed standards are the same as the signs of an Akita's health. Make sure that the Akita is purebred and that the breeder has a good, clean reputation.

Males are usually twenty-six to twenty-eight inches, while females are twenty-four to twenty-six inches when they reach adulthood. Assuming that the Akita for sale is a puppy, it is best to get it at around three months old. All dogs mature very quickly and you might prefer to see an Akita grow from being a puppy to an adult. They grow extremely fast and before you know it, your playmate will become your guardian at home.

Akitas make good guard dogs but are unfortunately too protective at times. They are aggressive towards strangers and may require obedience training. However, rest assured that you will consider any time with your Akita well-spent, because of all the happy memories you will gain.