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Big Dog Collars and Leashes

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Big Dog Collars and Leashes

     There is a plethora of big dog collars and leashes out there and deciding which are the best for your pet can be a little overwhelming. However, when you learn the different materials and types of collars and leashes out there, it can make the choice much less daunting.

Nylon is one of the most common materials used to make collars and leashes. They are often good for big dogs that have control issues and are usually cheap and good for dogs that like to get wet a lot.

Cloth collars are better for smaller dogs, or dogs that require less restraint. They fray much more quickly than nylon. However, they are perfect if you are seeking an individual style for your dog's collar.

Leather is made to be extremely tough and long lasting and is ideal for dogs that are of the larger variety. They are more expensive than nylon, but generally hold up better.

Chain collars are mostly used for training purposes for big dogs, since it can sometimes be the only way to keep a large dog under control. These are not recommended for small dogs, or dogs that can be controlled with other collars.

Reflective collars and leashes are very important if you walk or jog with your dog at night, as it allows oncoming cars to see you much more easily.

There are many types of big dog collars and leashes and when you know their uses, it can be easy to find the proper one for your pet:

1. Choke collars- These are mostly used by dog owners that have large dogs that like to pull when being walked. This type of collar tightens as the dog pulls, telling him to stop pulling.

2. Retracting leashes- These kinds of leashes have become popular lately, since it lets you control the length of your collar. However, these are best used on dogs that are trained already, or smaller dogs, as many of them cannot handle the weight of a large dog pulling against the leash.

3. Obedience collars- For big dogs, and ones that are very difficult to train, the last resort is usually these collars, since they feature spikes inside the collar that present a pain sensation when the dog pulls away. These are dog collars meant for big dogs that have very serious problems with authority, and should never be used on smaller animals.

4. Harnesses are terrific for control of bigger dogs and allow you to control the way the dog walks easier than with other collars. They can also be used with success for smaller dogs.

The style and type of big dog collar and leash you need to buy will be dependent upon how big your dog is and how much control you have over your animal. Some collars and leashes are designed for minimal control and others are made to allow you the greatest control, which is especially useful during training. Once your big dog is brought under control, normal leashes and dog collars will usually be all you need to walk your dog safely.