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Finding a Homeopathic Doctor Who Treats Canine Cancer

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Finding a Homeopathic Doctor Who Treats Canine Cancer

     Every day more pet owners who are dealing with canine cancer are hoosing alternative methods of healing. If you want to take a holistic approach towards your dog抯 healing, don抰 be shy to explore homeopathic medicine. In fact, homeopathy is the most widely practiced form of alternative medicine in the United States.

If you have never heard of homeopathy, this information may initially seem like a rather unusual way to deal with canine cancer. You may be wondering about the background of this type of treatment. The good news is that homeopathy has been practiced for hundreds of years.

Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician in the 1800s, is considered the 揻ather of homeopathy.?He espoused the belief that a disease is more than just its symptoms and that it had its roots in both physical as well as spiritual causes. In fact, Hahnemann rejected many extreme measures that were popular at that time like purging and bloodletting in favor of homeopathy. His first experiments with using Peruvian bark to treat malaria. In 1810, he published 揙rganon of Medicine.?This famous work explained the basic principles of homeopathy.

In 1828, Dr. John Franklin became the first homeopathic doctor in the United States. Popularity quickly rose and by 1900, there were already 15,000 people practicing this form of medicine. Today, there are a wide variety of veterinarians who practice homeopathy who will be very helpful in prescribing remedies for canine cancer.

So what should you expect when you bring in your dog for homeopathy? The doctor should examine your dog and also ask you a lot of questions about your dog and the manifestations of the canine caner. You will be asked to recall various observations that you have had about your pet抯 behavior. The physician will be most interested in the most unusual symptoms.

Obviously. the best way to find a homeopathic veterinarian is to get a referral. Ask around, as it is very likely that one of your friends or family members has had an experience with a homeopath. Don抰 be afraid to ask your regular veterinarian if he or she can refer a homeopathic physician. Many doctors will tell you that homeopathy is a waste of time, however, other traditional veterinarians will encourage this kind of treatment for canine cancer. After all, most veterinary schools instruct doctors about homeopathy.

When it comes time to give your dog the homeopathic medicine, remember that the remedies must be taken apart from food. In fact, you need to give homeopathic remedies at least one hour before or after eating. With many medicines, pet owners are accustomed to just inserting pills inside of treats. However, you will have to find another method when it comes to treating canine cancer with homeopathy for your dog cancer.

If this is your first time using homeopathy, be aware that symptoms can get worse. This reaction is actually part of the healing process. You may see 揹ischarges?like diarrhea or eye problems. Don抰 immediately give up on a homeopathic remedy before it has had a chance to work.