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A Pet Hotel Stay Can Improve Animal Behaviour

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A Pet Hotel Stay Can Improve Animal Behaviour

     Pets can be like a best friend, but they can also behave in ways that is detrimental to the relationship.It can simply involve ignoring requests from the owner, or intimidating through growling and snarling, or even worse harming a person through biting.

Dogs especially can exert these traits, maybe because of poor experiences as a puppy or simply through its genes. Dogs can naturally show dominance agression which is brought on by a challenge to the dog's social status. They are social beasts and as pets they view their human family as their social group. Early on, a dominance hierarchy is established, and if the owners aren't in control from the start, it can lead to behavioural issues.

Regardless of how a pets behaviour came to be inappropriate, it can be very frustrating for the owner. Agressive animals especially, need to be taught obedience. This can mean teaching him routines to perform when he gets into a position that makes him aggressive. For example, if he barks uncontrollably when another dog is in his vicinity, and tries to attack them, get him to focus on you or something else other than the dog. This is no easy task, but one that can work.

If you train him to perform an activity when you do a certain command, then you can bring out this command when another dog is approaching or his behaviour is becoming inappropriate. Then if he doesn't respond you can punish him (not physically though) for failing to respond to your command. This disaccociates the command with the other dogs, and makes him just focus on doing the right thing.

It is also important to stay relaxed when you see another dog. Keep a long leash, stay positive and happy towards your dog, and make it seem that everything is okay. Dogs can pick up on when your anxious or uneasy, and if this happens, he will see the other dog as a threat, because of YOUR behaviour. So stay calm and do things as normal.

When you're going away for holidays, you can also look to book your animal into a pet hotel. Being around people that will constantly give him structure and implement positive behaviour will be very beneficial to him. A number of these facilities can also have training and obedience classes, which you can book during the pets stay. Finding a good pet hotel Melbourne is important so don't be afraid to call around, and see which ones will offer the best situation for your animal.

Having the animal stay in a pet resort is not just restricted to dogs. It can also be beneficial to improve cat behaviour, such as aggression, sleep problems, vocalisation, urine marking and fearful behaviour. On top of the obvious positive of having staff around to help the development of your pet, it is also a great chance for your animal to enjoy boutique accommodation such as elegant and spacious surroundings and luxurious food. The perfect holiday for your cat or dog while you're enjoying you're own vacation.