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Yorkie Training Tips and Advice

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Yorkie Training Tips and Advice

     It is not a difficult job in your life to train your yorkie puppy. The major subject that should be considered is their correct stage of age in life to understand and internalize the training sessions.

During the purchase of yorkie pup, consider that the puppy is at least 8 week old and they are old enough to leave the litter and begin the basic training at home. This kind of toy breed can be prone to barking and try to be highly strung. So it is crucial to begin the training earlier as possible and you have to be consistent in rewarding and socialization in order to get rid of the problems like barking.

Here are three of the most important tips for yorkie training, no matters what age group the dog is. It is best to incorporate with these tips for the better result from your yorkie.

1. Make Training Your Yorkie Puppy Fun
The training session must start with positive and enthusiastic mood. Instead you are unhappy, tired and stressed; don't start the training as the dog can get the negative impact of your mood. Yorkie are sensitive to the voice tone. So take time to praise them as they do something good and correctly. Small treat can also make a huge difference during their training and try to make the training session fun and enjoying. Even the hugs and verbal praise make the yorkie pup feel positive about training. And try to play for a while at the end of training session which help to keep them remember about the training.

Plus, always exercise lightly before the training session starts, especially when they are enclosed prior to training. This will let the excess energy to burn and let him concentrate. If not then they may run around and have fun and will not focus on training.

2. Make Training Natural
You have to remember that the yorkie puppy are not fully grown and they do not have full control on their body function. You have to take them out multiple time in each day and reward them positively when they go for potty outside. You have reward them instantly as they do some good thing. The regular interaction with the puppy throughout the day will be the best option for the training. You have to associate the commands with their daily behavior. Like, when they will be going to the crate for sleeping, you can simply say "Crate, Princess" and they will make association between your command and their action.

3. Keep Training Consistent
This one is the most important one for yorkie training. It will be hard for your pup to understand if they change between people to people and day to day in the home. Don't confuse the dog with multiple commands from different people. Keep the commands simple and consistent for your yorkie. For example, if one says sit and other is using down to let the dog sit, this will obviously confuse the dog.

And it is also suggested to keep the commands same between the people. For instance, if a child let the dog sleep on the bed but the elder insist to stay off the furniture, it will be hard to train the yorkie puppy.

You can also take your yorkie to the obedience class as this will socialize them as well as make them consistent in both training and cues, and how the members of family are working on puppy.