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Raising Mallard Ducks - 5 Key Pointers For Beginners

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Raising Mallard Ducks - 5 Key Pointers For Beginners

     Ducks are commonly found as pets and they are social birds too. They can easily raised by human beings. Though these pretty birds fear humans, it is quite easy to raise the ducklings too. Pets are just like our children, they understand the language of love and compassion. So, if you are thinking of raising Mallard ducks, then here are some tips that can be quite useful.

1. Caging: Cages are very important for raising Mallard ducks. It is always good to raise more than one duckling since these social pets love the company of others. Initially, these cute pets can be stored in cages with some material that can be the source of heat for them. In the absence of their mother duck, these ducklings need to grow in similar and natural warmth, isn't it? The ducklings with their mother do not need any heat source since the mother takes complete care of them.

One can find ducklings moving around in the time span of 2 to 3 weeks. These birds generally look for warmth in the beginning. After they grow to ducks within 4 to 5 weeks, one can see them moving in any type of environment, either warm or cold. The cage for one duck is generally larger in size that measures around 10 sq. ft.

2. Water: Raising Mallard ducks can not be done without sufficient water. If ducklings are alone, then, little water is supplied to them. Ducklings without their mother cannot swim because they cannot produce the oil for their features that helps them to swim. Due to this, we need to be careful because these cute pets might drown. When they are with their mother, the duck oils the feathers for her ducklings and then they can swim easily. For the ducks, ponds are the best for swimming. Even when they can leave without them, it is always good to have an artificial pond to keep the ducks happy.

3. Food: Ducklings love to have fresh greens and weeds. Game bird starter feed is also good for them. Once they grow to ducks in 5 weeks, one can change their feed to the game bird grower feed. You can also try a special duck feeder that can be easily available in the pet stores that provide the feed for raising Mallard ducks. Drinking water can be stored in a large clean bowl for the ducks.

4. Shelter: Shelter plays very important role in raising Mallard ducks. Shelter protects them from the heat, rain, snow and cold. A wooden shelter can be easily made for the comfort of your beloved pets.

5. Special Care: The health and happiness of the ducks can give them longer life. Your ducks need special care and for that some tips below can be useful in raising Mallard ducks.

a. One needs to take them out of the pen daily.
b. After that they are free searching for food, flying and swimming
c. Keep a watch on your ducks to protect them from predators
d. Cleaning their cage is very important
e. Make sure that the floor for the ducks is not too hard for them to walk