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Raise a Safe Dog

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Raise a Safe Dog

     You want your dog to be one that does not bite people or other dogs and is safe for anyone to be around, don't you? Of course you do, especially if we are talking about your family pet. So how do you raise a safe dog? Read on to find the answer to this question...

If you train a dog correctly to have manners then the biting will not be an issue. This can be done by not letting the dog bite anyone or another animal even in play. From an early age the dog must be taught that biting is not all right. Otherwise the dog thinks it is a permissible behavior.

Socialization is important in getting a dog to accept other animals it will be around as well as people. Get him used to any animal living in the house and teach him to be nice to it. Also any relative, friend or regular visitor to the house needs to get to know the dog too. The more comfortable your dog is with these people the less it will bite.

Dogs need to feel secure in their home. If they are scared for any reason they could bite out of fear. So make them know that you are protecting and loving them. This will make them be less afraid and lower the risk of biting. A frightened dog can be a very dangerous dog to have especially around children.

Be knowledgeable about how to handle your dog. When you are confident then the dog feels that. This makes him behave, but when you are unsure of what to do your dog could take advantage and misbehave by biting another animal or a person.

When the dog is eating, teach children and guests to leave it alone. It will bite to protect its food. Your dog will also bite to protect you and your family sometimes. Try not to let the dog get in that position. You should be the protector of the house.

If your dog gets too excited playing they could bite by accident. Try to keep the play non-aggressive in nature as to not teach the behavior. When you keep the playing fun and stop before the dog gets too worked up the biting is less apt to happen.

Make sure your dog is allowed to rest undisturbed. A tired dog can be grouchy and snap to be left alone. So make the kids leave your precious pooch alone when it is sleeping.

Spaying or neutering a dog can make it less temperamental. This does away with the hormonal affects that can make dogs act unpredictably and lead to biting at times.

If you follow the information given here and you still have a dog that bites, you should seek out professional advice. Animal trainers or obedience schools can help you find other ways of getting your dog to quit biting. Remember, your goal is to have a safe dog.