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A Couple of Tips on Puppies Training

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A Couple of Tips on Puppies Training

     Dogs and puppies make wonderful pets and are often referred to as man's best friend. They are usually playful, loyal and always happy to see you. It doesn't matter whether you live on your own or have a large family, dogs always make a house feel like a home. One of the best things about dogs is that different breeds have different temperaments and personalities. This makes it much easier for you to choose one that will suit your home and your needs. In this article we will be covering a few tips and guidelines that can help with puppie training so that you can have a great relationship with your new dog for years to come.

When it comes to training a dog, you will have to use both positive and negative reinforcement. This is necessary because you cannot talk to your dog since they don't understand English. Therefore, if you want to let them know that they are doing something right, you use positive reinforcement and if they are doing something wrong, then you need to use negative reinforcement.

One thing that you need to be cautious of while doing this is that you need to be consistent in your efforts when it comes to reinforcement. If you don't do it continuously, then the puppy might just get confused and not understand exactly what you want him to do. The best ways for positive reinforcement are using a clicker and dog treats as a reward.

Another issue we will look at is toilet training. Before you even bring home your puppy, you need to set up a designated area for them to defecate. Some dogs can be very stubborn but the moment that they look like they are going to pee or poop in a wrong place, you need to move them quickly to the designated area. You will have to use a lot of reinforcement here as well as patience. The worst thing that you can do is yell or scream at your dog, so make sure not to do so.

Many people like to keep their dogs and pets to themselves, however it is essential that every puppy and dog is socialized. This means that they have to be introduced to other people and dogs so that they can get accustomed to them. This is essential in order to prevent any aggressive behavioral problems.

Most puppies are very playful animals so it is essential that you have a variety of toys and playthings for them to play with. Whenever you are buying toys for your dog, make sure it is safe for them and not made of materials or components that are easy to swallow.

The final issue that we will look at is a matter of exercise. All pets and animals need to move around and have adequate space to run and play. If a dog does not get enough exercise, it is very easy for them to develop destructive behaviors and even become anxious or aggressive. In order to prevent this, make sure to take them for regular walks.

We have just covered a few puppie training tips that will certainly help you to take care of new pet. Dogs are wonderful pets and will love you until the day they die.