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Unique Wolf Christmas Gift Ideas

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Unique Wolf Christmas Gift Ideas

     What would make a good wolf Christmas gift idea, and how do you go about finding a great wolf gift? I happen to have a wolf lover in my family and I can tell you what she would consider to be a great gift idea, so if you're interested, here goes.

My oldest daughter loves to watch movies about wolves. They are so wild and free, and they are very beautiful. These animals make buying her a gift so easy and the page I found will help you find many thrilling choices. We actually go to a pet expo every year where we can see domesticated wolf dogs in person. This is a big hit with my daughter!

Did you know that wolves are members of the dog family? That family includes the wolf, dogs, coyotes, the fox and even jackals. The wolf, however, is the largest of all the wild dogs weighing in at anywhere from 60 to a huge 135 pounds. If the person you are buying a gift for wants to learn more about wolves, there are many books you can find on these animals. One such book, one that's full of pictures and facts, is The Wolf Almanac. I know my daughter enjoyed it and I'm sure your wolf fan will too.

You can help someone start a collection with one of the many wolf statues designed by artists. I found some that are very distinct and each has a beautiful design. I would have a difficult time choosing just one, so I hope you have better luck with that! With names like the Ice Wolf, the Moonlight Sonata wolf and the Wolf's Moonlit Prayer, you can just picture how amazingly beautiful they are. When you discover figurines and statues of the wolf, you usually find out a bit about the superstitions and symbolism that surrounds this animal. Some of these old beliefs are very interesting.

You can find a night light with a wolf on it, warm and soft blankets and bedding sets decorated with the Canis lupis (that's Latin for the Gray Wolf), and even some jewelry and clothing decorated with the wolf. I love the wolf bracelet and charm from the Twilight movie, it's the carved wolf that Jacob Black gave to Bella Swan. My daughter loves wolves, and I am a Twilight fan.

If you are looking for some more playful gift ideas you can take a look at a puzzle. There are jigsaw puzzles that each have a wolf picture for puzzle-lovers to put together, some are even in the shape of a wolf. You can choose from several including the Wolf Song Shaped 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and the 1000 piece Mountain Wolf Jigsaw Puzzle. There's even a wooden 3-D puzzle for those who enjoy the 3-D style. These are large puzzles with 1000 pieces, they should provide a great challenge for anyone who enjoys a jigsaw puzzle.

Coffee mugs, posters, puppets and plush toys with a wolf theme will make someone a terrific holiday or birthday gift idea. For collector's there is a crystal wolf statue, a wooden carved jewelry box, a native American wolf dream catcher and lots of interesting story books for kids too. Imagine how many good dreams will come from these fun gift ideas.

So whether your wolf fan is young or adult, you are sure to find the gift ideas you need here. How did I find this site? My daughter the wolf fan found it and told me about it so I could buy her gifts she really liked. Since I'm a clever mom, I always know a big hint when I see it, so I took her advice and looked at the site she told me about. I want you to know I've started my Christmas shopping already and her list was the one I began with. The inside information she gave me is going to make her list the easiest one of the season.

What else can you buy to give as a wolf theme Christmas gift idea? How about some wolf themed movies? You will find them along with the other wonderful holiday gift ideas. Get the gift ideas you need to ensure someone a wonderful and happy Christmas.