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Most Popular Dog Breeds In United State

29 11:22:05
It isn't very difficult to guess the most popular dog breeds; all you have to do is take a walk in your neighborhood (Most of them would be Labradors) or take a look at the names mentioned below.

Labrador Retriever

It isn't very difficult to guess as to why Labrador Retriever has been America's favorite dog since last 21 years. The dog is friendly, gentle and family-oriented. This is a versatile dog and comes in three colors. The dog is active, trustworthy and without any doubt adorable. Originally, these dogs were bred to work along fishermen as they would help them in fetching newspapers or accompany them in hunting games. Labs have a calm temperament and can be trained without difficulty which makes it another reason why millions of people want Labs!

German Shepherd

Apart from being used in military and law enforcement, German shepherds also make good house pets as they are very loyal dogs. They were first bred in Germany in 1899 but the breed catapulted to fame when a German shepherd called Rin-Tin-tin became a Hollywood star and appeared in over 20 movies. German shepherds make excellent companion dogs due to their loyal and protective characteristics. The dog has also been distinguished as "Animal of the Year" by TIME as it helped in taking down Osama Bin Laden with Seal Team Six.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever has consistently found himself in the race for top spot in AKC's list of popular dog breeds. In fact, it is considered a classic American pet. This is a sporting dog breed which is friendly, adorable and versatile and can act as guide dogs or search and rescue dogs. His playful attitude and an even temper makes him an excellent family pet. The dog was first bred in Scotland in 1800s for hunting purposes.


Even if it is tempted to follow its nose to mischief at certain times, Beagle does enjoy the company of humans and other dogs. The dog is curious and cute and most of us dog lovers know it for its bay which is more like a trumpet. Like many others, Beagles come in three color variations: red and white, lemon and tricolor. This is a hunting dog was used for hunting in smaller games. Snoopy (Charlie Brown's dog in Peanuts) is probably the most famous Beagle we know of.

Yorkshire Terrier

The petite pup sits pretty much on top of AKC's most popular list of dog breeds and for decades, it has maintained its place. This breed has a large personality and the dogs are called as Yorkies as they are named after the English city they hail from. The breed is known for its adaptability, portability and lasting energy.

English Bulldog

Bulldogs have seen a rise in their publicity over the few years and have been mascots of various organizations and universities. The breed is known for its short legs, a smushed face and their slobber. They make excellent family pets as they are not just gentle and protective but are easy to groom too.