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What is nuisance wildlife?

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Nuisance wildlife - we have encountered this term to often lately and this is because of the fact that there is a growing incidence of invasion of wildlife into human homes. Wildlife invasion does not pick any season or time of day. As soon as wildlife animals realize that your home has an abundant supply of food and can provide them with a warm sheltered environment, they will try to gain access and cohabitate with you.

Creatures that have previously belonged to the wild and have become accustomed to human presence and human environment and start causing damage and harm to human health and properties can be considered nuisance wildlife. Let us give you some examples:

1. Squirrels. These creatures come as the most common nuisance wildlife that many homeowners do not find amusing. Part of the rodent family, these tiny little creatures reproduce fast and can easily wreak havoc inside your home when they defecate and urinate in your attic, destroy you insulation and chew wires. Squirrels forage for human food as an alternative to their limited natural supply and thus, make their home inside human homes.

2. Raccoons. Known as the masked bandit, raccoons inhabit human homes especially when they are in search of a birthing place for their young - somewhere warm and cozy and away from the harsh elements of nature and other predators.

3. Birds. Birds like pigeons become nuisance wildlife when they start roost around human homes. Bird feces can corrode and stain your house and their droppings contain a lot of bacteria that can infect you and your children.
4. Bats. Like birds, bats may also find your attic conducive as a habitat. Bats may carry rabies and improper handling of these winged animals may result in more harm than good.

There are many ways of removing nuisance animals from your homes and this is where the experience and expertise of Skedaddle Niagara wildlife control come into play. Skedaddle's Niagara wildlife control technicians are trained to chase or scare adults away so that they evict their dens. In cases where there is a litter, Skedaddle employs hands-on removal of babies and then place these young near the entry point so that the mother can collect and relocate them somewhere away from your home.

Removing nuisance wildlife from your home is very troublesome especially if you do not have the proper knowledge or possess the right technique on how to get rid of them completely. It is best to contact Niagara wildlife control services like Skedaddle so that you can rest assured that your home is safe from any hazards and health risks that these animals can bring inside your home.