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What You Shouldnt Miss About Dog Bloat

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It is unfortunate that many people, even dog owners, are still naïve about dog bloat. Perhaps many thought that this ailment is only experienced by human beings. However, it is a lucky thing for those dog owners who have saved their dog’s life because they are well-versed of this ailment. Maybe they have read from dog health guide about how to deal and overcome this type of ailment in dogs. If you are not familiar with canine bloat or gastric dilation-volvulus(GDV), then you should know that this is actually a life-threatening condition which commonly happens to large, deep-chest dog breeds.

Examples of these breeds are German Shepherds, Great Danes, Greyhounds, and any type of Setter. However, if you own a small dog breed, do not be too relieved. Canine bloat can actually occur to any breed of dog. Dog bloat occurs when air, fluid or foam accumulates abnormally in the stomach of a dog causing it to expand. There are instances when the dog’s stomach twists. This case is considered to be gastric dilation-volvulus which only about 50% of the dogs survive. GDV is a more serious case than dilation of the stomach only. Causes of dog stomach bloat were not yet determined that is why you have to be keen at determining the symptoms of dog diseases like this one.

Be watchful when your dog’s stomach seems to expand beyond normal. Usually, dogs that suffer this ailment will have several attempts to unsuccessful vomiting. They will also be seen drooling and having abdominal discomfort. Oftentimes, the dog is restless when it's experiencing bloat. Situation like this would require you to bring your pet to the veterinarian the soonest time possible. Only a veterinarian can provide a remedy to canine bloat. Do not try treating this type of disease at home. On the other hand, there is always a prevention of dog bloats. Veterinarians are recommending that you feed a dog multiple small meals in a day.

It is discouraged to feed the dog one large meal in a day. Also, you should also avoid giving the dog an exercise within two hours after eating. Smaller dog breeds are equally susceptible to dog bloat with improper way of feeding. If you visit a veterinarian regularly, you may ask further on what to do when a dog is suffering from bloat. As a responsible dog owner and pet lover, you must know the dangers of dog diseases such as dog bloat. If your dog’s breed belongs to the list of breeds that are prone to canine bloat, then you have to be well-aware of the situation.

You may ask your veterinarian on what to do the moment you see the aforementioned symptoms in your pet. Just remember the famous quote, “What you don’t know, can kill you”. So, apply this saying to this situation. Your lack of knowledge may just lead to your pet’s sorry demise. Keep yourself informed about bloat in dogs in order for you to reduce the risk of developing this devastating fate.