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Housebreaking Dogs is Much Easier These Days

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Dogs are quite like human beings. For instance, when a puppy has already developed a certain habit, it would be difficult for you to rectify it. Thus, frustration of the owner will sink in. Supposedly, bad habits are to be curtailed when the canine was still a puppy. You must teach good dog behavior as early as possible. As the saying goes, it’s difficult to teach old dogs new tricks. Housebreaking dogs or puppies is very essential not only to the benefit of a household but also to the benefit of the puppy. Early dog training will put a stop to your pet’s bad habits.

From early on, your pup would know what acceptable activities he can do to adapt to your lifestyle and to the society as well. When you housebreak your dog, do not expect instantaneous success. It could be a long and tedious process depending on the breed and the techniques you employ. According to canine behaviorists, positive reinforcement can hasten your canine's learning abilities. You must be a source of encouragement to your puppy. There were several housebreaking methods that were discarded due to its ineffectiveness. However, there were new methods discovered to actually ease up the task of housebreaking dogs.

Punishing or yelling to your puppy when he does not follow your instructions can have a negative and traumatic effect on his being. Even the use of some types of training collars is discouraged these days. You might need to adjust your training methods according to your puppy's personality and character. In housebreaking dogs, positive reinforcement is highly encouraged nowadays. Don’t be stingy in rewarding with treats or praises whenever your puppy has done a good job. Also, it will be more effective if you correct the dog’s negative behavior right when he commits it. When you get a new puppy at home, you need to prepare yourself to housebreak it patiently.

One of the basics in house training a dog or a puppy is to potty train it. It is necessary that you take the pet outdoors 30 minutes after he has eaten. You have to do this in order to condition the pet where he must relieve himself. This routine will make him remember where his designated “bathroom” is. Furthermore, you ought to take the dog outside your home every few hours in a day so that he can relieve himself. However, when the puppy fails to relieve himself during the designated time, do not force it. Instead, bring your pet inside your home.

In this case, observe when your pet is circling and sniffing intensely as this could mean that he might have the urge to do his "thing" this time. Bring the dog to his designated “bathroom” immediately. If you have read a guide to dog training, you would know more about this basic information. It is such a big help if you have read about housebreaking dogs prior to owning a canine as this would prepare you would know what is expected of you.